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                                                                                      Wall Boy Kennels' CH Ernie

Wall Boy Kennels

Game Bred American  Pit Bull Terriers

Home of Wall Boy Kennel and MM&M Kennels CH Ernie, the late Wall Boy Kennels' CH Bruijo and many other good dogs.

"For the Show"

Thank you for visiting our web site.  We would like to send out a special thank you to Thunder Kennels, MM&M Kennels all the  other dog men who have contributed to the success of Wall Boys. Wall Boy Kennels is here to stay. We do not sell pups very much and we do not offer stud service. Below are some of the dogs we have here and some that we use. Enjoy!

MM&M's Mudbone

"CH Bruijo"



                                          Focused......                                                                                     Some new arrivals -                                                                                                        MM&M's Blackfoot bred to Thunder Kennels' Savannah






                                               I'm ready......                                                                                    Damn he's cut                            



Pups off MM&M's Blackfoot.



                                         Pups that hopefully become PITS...                                                                 Looking Good!                                 



We can shape them.....


                           Pocket Pit...  Lethal                                                                                       Warrior without a cause 




                                Hannibal before the show.....                                                                        Wall Boy's Maybelle                   




                                 The KEEP seems to be working                                                                            Ready for combat..




                                                                                    Wall Boy Kennels'  Tex  -  Won in 1:45






Wall Boy Kennels' CH Bruijo  beat 3 highly regarded dogs for his championship.  His last 3:45



Copyright 2000 Thunder Kennels