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          Thunder Kennels' Tonto
Thunder Kennels' Tonto Breeder: Thunder Kennels
Owner:    Thunder Kennels
Color:     Red/Black Nose

 Tonto was a destructive winner that should have been a champion. Bred to produce and a littermate to some sensational dogs.          
First Second Third Fourth
Thunder Kennels' Sterling  Super Gnat's CH Butch Stepp's GR CH Angus W. Brown's Nigger
Steinberg's Heidi
Stepp's CH Ruby Adams' GR CH Zebo
Schaeffer's Hannah
Thunder Kennels' Gwenavere Super Gnat's Guess Stepp's GR CH Angus
Stepp's CH Ruby
Super Gnat's Maggie Crenshaw's CH Charlie
Super Gnat's Maizie
M M & M's Red Pepper P.S.K's Little Red  Summer's Frog Bass' Tramp Red Boy
Marlowe's Brandy
Summer's Nugget Bass' Tramp Red Boy
Whaley's Red Feather
M M & M's Teera M M & M's Rock Bank's Diamond II
Tubre's Donna
M M & M's Bully Girl George's Dancer
George's Candy