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Steve Luniewski of Palmyra, Virgina - "Crook or Creep, you be the Judge"

This is factional and fictional! All instances of illegal activities are of a fictional nature.

Since about 1988, Thunder Kennels has been on this crusade to expose the crooked folks of the game. Principle has caused me to keep this going. And Steve Luniewski himself has caused me to always mention his name!

I met up with Steve Luniewski way back in 1986 while attempting to find a Zebo bred dog, Harvey's CH Lucias. At that time, I contacted the now deceased breeder by the name of Harvey Burton. While asking about Lucias, he told me that Lonzo had his dog and sold him. Now, let me say that I'm not sure what is true, just what was said. He told me that he sent Lucias to the great Lonzo to gain a grand championship with the dog. Harvey also stated that he had attained a championship with him. But after convincing winning his 4th, Lucias was not used again. And the last he heard was that a young kid had him. He was never sent back home.

I finally tracked down Steve Luniewski and inquired about the dog. He had old Lucias and was breeding him at the time. I asked was that story I heard true and he said it was. I asked if he planned on sending him back or working something out with Mr Burton, and he said NO!. I should have left man alone, right? Even after I heard of how he screwed his own partners, he seemed like a nice fella to me. Anyway, for the next year of so, we corresponded. Until a breeding he made with Lucias caught my eye. We worked out a deal for a pup off CH Lucias and a bitch named Fancy. Fancy was said to be out of GR CH Zebo and Runt. I got the money together, and waited. Somewhere in there, Steve said he wanted to advertise old Lucais. He wanted me to advertise for him and he'd send me a male pup for my troubles. I ran the ad in the SDJ for the man. I also ran an ad in the Gazette for the man. Well, the pups were born and after sending a kennel, I waited for 8 weeks to roll around and no pup. Seems they all died except for one. Now, up until that point, I had no reason to doubt the man. Or did I? Money was rolling in from the next breedings, but still no pup. After again agreeing on other litters, sending the man money and kennels, still no pup. Hard-headed, wasn't I? I thought I was allowing a man to be a man.

Anyway, a few years went by and I had gotten so fed up with the man, that I thought about going down to Palmyra, Virginia to hurt the man. But, I didn't think I should hurt a man over a dog. Right? But he would call to reassure me and I'd call him a crook but he wanted to make good. He had some marital problems and financial problems, and got screwed by another crook along the way. At that time, High Tech Kennels. Joe Rosa remembers him too. He got screwed too. Small world! I'll give it to HT, he did send the man money to take care of his finances, feed his family, and feed his dogs. I should have realized that a man that would let his family starve to take care of his dogs, may not be that great a man, right? About that time, he accidently killed Lucias. And also accidently killed a dog he was keeping for someone. The dog, St Benedict's Raleigh. The reason I know this is that he overdosed the dog on pig wormer and called me at 1am to see what he could do to save him. I wish I was the only person that didn't have an affection for the man, but the list was rising.

About 1992 or so, I got a call from an upset Steve Luniewski. Seems that he was a little upset that I had told people about our experience and he didn't like it. I had taken money out of his families' mouths. Hmmmmm. I told him that as long as I'm in the dogs, I'll tell people the truth. If he didn't like it, pay me! A litter was on the way and we were going to settle this once and for all. He offered me pup out of Lucias Jr (Lucais x Fancy) and Jacky (CH Diamond Jim x CH Zipper). They were due in May and I was to get one. Again, I sent a kennel but didn't hold my breathe. Well, those pups came and some were sold, the rest died. Hmmmmmmm. I started to use my pen and included Steve in my SDJ ads. That really pissed him off. He really didn't consider himself a crook, but....

Enter a good friend of mine by the name of Carl Crews. He has the best Red Boy/Jocko dogs in the country, period! Seems that ol' Steve went down to his place to cross his Zebo blood into some of Carl's Red Boy/Jocko dogs. Something about gameness I think. Anyway, Carl bred one of his bitches to Hammer. Problem! Seems that Steve had told me that Hammer had one nut. Not a problem, but he had not gotten pups from him for sometime, although pups he was selling were off him. Now I wasn't there, but YOU understand. A few months after those pups were gone, I called Carl and he asked had I gotten my dog from Steve? Of course not. Well he had a bitch from Steve that Steve traded with him off Lucias Jr x Jacky. That dirty @#$#@, you know what I mean. But, my buddy Carl offered her to me to breed. So, I flew up there and brought back. She is now known as Thunder Kennels' Lulu. I didn't give the man credit as a man, but he bred an exceptional bitch. She continues to produced good bulldogs. Thank you Carl Crews.

A few years later, ol' Steve Lunewski called again. Asking about Lulu and wondering why I'm still bad mouthing him. I told him she's a good bitch, but I got her from Carl, not from him. He agreed to pay me what he owed for the ads, the kennels, and the money I sent. ASAP! Glad I didn't hold my breathe, right?

But over the years, he tried to change kennel names and dogs names, to sell some pups but I sting him everytime. Zebo Kennels, High Noon, Ski's Kennels, same guy, different face. But, worse than that, he bred other peoples' dogs he had, sold them and those poor folks couldn't get papers. Ask Matt McGee, or Curtis Weaver, Ms Bowman, or Dale Williams, and countless people that he got as well as little ol' me. He sold dogs that didn't belong to him and generally screwed a few folks. Now he's trying to get other folks to front for him, because ol' Carlos is still bad mouthing him after all these years. Well Steve, I told you, as long as I'm in, I'll be on you. And I am a man of my word!

I hope you read this Steve Lunewski! I know you'll hear about it, and I hope you feel as good about it as I do.

But you new, green, up and coming dog people, be careful with all these breeders. Crooks are always out there, but they have a track record. Bad pub carries and lasts. So do your homework before you spend your $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Update 11/99 Steve did contact me about me bad mouthing him. Now I told him we could work something out, but he deferred that to a friend of his. I was suppose to get a dog from a friend of his and all slates would be cleared. Nothing doing... :0) So we'll let it ride so I can keep my word.... Thunder Kennels


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