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Just some links and info concerning the crooks in the dog game. And I will also post any links or emails from anyone that has been robbed. If the offender has a problem, I post his response.

Houston Scam --- Check it out.

Mr Zebo - Steve Luniewski.... Is he really a crook? Or will this breeder take you?

Ever wonder why those dogmen and dogwomen don't respond to your emails or return your calls? Below is an email I received from a "dog person"... Must be because I told him I wasn't concerned with the color of my pups, but that essence of the breed was their heart. He wanted pictures. And I sent him pics too. But this knucklehead, apparently had what he wanted before he emailed me, right? This is what makes it so hard to deal with the public. Once you are into these dogs for so many yeas, the people drive you nuts... And you guys thought that us dog people were assholes because we don't just want your $$$... I got a good chuckle out of this knucklehead and wondered " if his were so great, why come buy mine, for the colors? LOL

Date: January 5, 2000

Fuck You and Your Cheap as Dogs!! To think my Kennel Club was going to by some Dog from a Fuck Face like Yourself!! Bitch!!! I Breed Real Dogs Like the Presa Canario and the South Africa  Boerboel!! I make more off of one dog than your whole litter almost, going at $1500 to $2000 a pup.. So Keep your sorry ASS PitBull! Which I have 5 of and 2 Grand Champs You Asshole!! You must be new to this.. when people want to spend there money on something. You give them what they ask for and not make smart ass comments! You Will Learn.

All Your email will be Deleted on the Spot Bitch!! 

I could care less about this little puss, but I wanted  you to see it. Coward and a chump. Now, If you had to deal with this mess, would you deal with the public??