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NAME:         Thunder Kennels' Link

BREEDER:    Tar Heel Matt
OWNER:       Thunder Kennels
COLOR:        Black/White

Awesome "zebo" dog one of the best bred "Panther" dogs around. His sire was the infamous Panther and his mother was a super dog as well.

First Second Third Fourth
 McGee's Panther McGee's Monzon  Lonzo's Mike Loposay's Dubs
Loposay's Dot
 Rick's Thistle Wallings' Bullyson
Carver's Amber
STP's Margie  Adams' GR CH Zebo Lonzo's Andy
Lonzo's Angie
 Colopy's Sea Train Davis' CH Midnight Cowboy
Hands' GR CH Candy
  Kennedy's Bad Betty  Brown's Hoit  Brown's Cush Lonzo's Andy
Lonzo's Angie
 Brown's Runt II Lonzo's Mike
Lonzo's Angie
 Brown's Belle  Lancaster's Snake Lonzo's Vindicator
Lonzo's Rosie
 Dobis' Brandy Lonzo's Mike
Brown's Runt II