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NAME:          Thunder Kennels' Hannibal

BREEDER:      Thunder Kennels
OWNER:        Thunder Kennels
COLOR:         Black/White

A true "Zebo" destroyer. Hannibal it all. Heavy mouth, intelligent, high ability and game to the core. He has produced a few good dogs and should produce well. If the old time Zebo strain is what you want, Hannibal is your dog.


First Second Third Fourth
Thunder Kennels' Gator Johnson's CH Sinbad Fitch's CH Diamond Jim Adams' GR CH Zebo
Fitch's Mean Joleen
Fitch's Little Bit Adams' GR CH Zebo
Zebo's Scooter
Lonzo's Lil Bit Lonzo's King Elvis Lancaster's Snake
Dobis' Brandy
Lonzo's Bug Lonzo's King Elvis
Lonzo's Ginger
Thunder Kennels' Gwenavere Super Gnat's Guess  Stepp's GR CH Angus W. Brown's Nigger
Steinberg's Heidi
Stepp's CH Ruby Adams' GR CH Zebo
Schaeffer's Hannah
Super Gnat's Maggie Crenshaw's CH Charlie Finley's CH Bo
Crenshaw's CH Honeybunch
Super Gnat's Maizie Hampton's CH Boze
Jacob's CH Hog Dog