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Allen's Butch

Avant's Ch. Alien

B-Line's Ch. Cowboy

Bacari's Ch. Tyrone

Bailey's Bingo

Bass' Tramp Red Boy

Beach Boy Billy's Gr. Ch. Spikey

Sorrells' Ch. Blue Monday

D&C's Blunt

BMC's Ch. Keyser Soze

Bob Pitts with Pitt's Gr. Ch. Country

Boudreaux' Ch. T-Bud

Boudreaux' Reno

Bruce's Thundermatch

Burton's Gr. Ch. Hank

Cate's Gr. Ch. Nigerino

Cedarbrook's Red Shredder

Holland's Ch Jethro

Chambers' Ch. Paz Jr.

Chavis' Ch. Jocko

Clayton's Eli Jr.

Clemmons' Ch. Smokin Joe

Clemmons' Dick

Clemmon's Eli's Shadow

Cooper & PR Joe's Ch. Opie

Cornpone's Gr. Ch. Bear

Crenshaw's Ch. Brutus

D & D's Gr. Ch. Gabe Jr.

Daly's Otto

Dead Serious' Ch Red Man

Dead Serious' Ch El Diablo Negro

Dead Serious' Lock Down

Dead Serious' Poncho

Delta Force Ch. Stallone

Denny & DLC's Ch Bo

Diamond Dan's Ch. Lightning

Sorrells' Mucho Dinero 2xw

Duhon's Mean Pete

Elliott's Six Bits

Fat Bill's Rayden

Fat Bill's Stomper

Finkle Winkle's Ch. Ginger

Fitzwater's Ch. Goldie

Gambler's Gr. Ch. Virgil

Garner's Ch. Hickory

Garner's Gr. Ch. Spike

Garner's Ch Hickory

Garrett's Floyd

GBK Ch. Mickey

Georgia Tom's Ch. Huck

Greenwood's Oakie

Hall's Ch. Old Swamper

Hammond's Alligator 2

Hammonds' Dio

Hammonds' Domino Son

Hammonds' Hailstone

Hammonds' Little Rufus

Hammonds' Lucan

Hammonds' Park Son

Hammonds' Roberto (Zack)

Hammonds' Ruf Park

Hammond's Snort (Pig)

Hand's Gr. Ch. Happy Jack

Hard Core's Ch. Bozack

Sorrells' Gr.Ch. HardEyes

Havana Boy's Ch. Jumpin Jack Flash

Hetrick's TNT Deacon

Holcomb's Gr. Ch. Weehunt

Hollingsworth's Bull

Hooten's Pistol

Huneycutt's Slingshot

Icepick & Co.'s Ch Speed

Irish Jerry's Ch Pharoah

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