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NAME:        Thunder Kennels' Cube

BREEDER:    Super Gnat
OWNER:       Thunder Kennels
COLOR:        Buckskin/White

Ice Cube was the only male from this litter. He was a crippling dog and dynamic finisher.  His sire was GR CH Ace, a 6x winner and his mother, Suzy,  was a 2x winner. His mother from a outstanding litter which featured Butch (4x), Guess (2x) and Racehorse (7x)...

First Second Third Fourth
 Super Gnat's GR CH Ace  Crenshaw's CH Charlie  Finley's CH Bo Loposay's Dubs
Loposay's Dot
 Crenshaw's CH Honeybunch Wallings' Bullyson
Carver's Amber
  Miss Willie  Adams' GR CH Zebo Lonzo's Andy
Lonzo's Angie
 Tomsic's Spider Wesley's Mac
Gardiner's Nancy
  Super Gnat's Suzy   Stepp's GR CH Angus  W. Brown's Nigger Clayton's Eli Jr
Boudreaux' Spook
 Steinberg's Heidi Steinberg's Sly Fox
Steinberg's Red Pepper
  Stepp's CH Ruby  Adams' GR CH Zebo Lonzo's Andy
Lonzo's Angie
 Schaeffer's Hannah Gardiner's Flash
Gardiner's Queen