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Windows XP Winter Fun Packs

December 2002



The Microsoft® Windows® XP Winter Fun Packs provide enhancements and tools to help you have more fun this holiday season with Windows XP.  They include a wide range of winter themed content, designed expressly for Windows Media Player 9 Series, Windows Movie Maker 2, and Windows Digital Photography, Communications and Browsing.  This document provides installation instructions and other information that will help you get started.


There are four Fun Packs available from

·         Windows XP Winter Fun Pack for Windows Media Player 9 Series

·         Windows XP Winter Fun Pack for Windows Movie Maker 2

·         Windows XP Winter Fun Pack for Digital Photography, Communications and Browsing

·         Windows XP Winter Fun Screensavers


See below for additional detail on each of the packs.


Note:   While the Winter Fun Packs are unsupported, we have taken great care to ensure that they operate as they should.  For this reason, Microsoft Technical Support is unable to answer questions about the Winter Fun Packs.  The Windows XP Winter Fun Packs are for Windows XP only.   


The Windows XP Winter Fun Packs, including the documentation and information provided, are for your personal use and are subject to the terms and conditions of the end user license agreement presented during the Windows XP Winter Fun Pack installation process.


Thank you and Happy Holidays from the Windows XP team!




Minimum system requirements


Digital Music with Windows Media Player 9 Series

·         Windows Media Player 9 Series Skins

·         Holiday Music Auto Playlists

·         Windows Media Player 9 Series Visualizations


Digital Video with Windows Movie Maker 2

·         Winter Sound Effects

·         Winter Music

·         Titles and Transitions


Digital Photography, Communications and Browsing

·         Holiday Greeting Card Templates

·         Internet Explorer 6 Holiday Favorites


Winter Fun Screensavers

·         Holiday Snowflakes

·         Amazing Windows XP Screensaver


How to Uninstall the Windows XP Winter Fun Pack


Feedback about the Windows XP Winter Fun Pack


Legal notice


Minimum System Requirements 


The hardware and software requirements for Microsoft Windows XP Winter Fun Packs are as follows:


·         Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition or Windows XP Professional

·         A 350 megahertz (MHz) processor

·         64 megabytes (MB) of RAM

·         300 MB of free hard disk space

·         VGA video resolution monitor

·         CD-ROM or DVD drive, keyboard, Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

·         An Internet connection may be required for some features.

·         Windows XP–compatible sound card and speakers or headphones

·         256-color video card

·         3-D graphics acceleration and 16 MB or more of video memory is required for some features.  The video adapter must be compatible with Windows XP. Please see the below recommended system configuration for more information.

Note:  You can confirm that your video adapter is compatible with Windows XP by reviewing the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) page at the Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs Web site. Type the video adapter manufacturer name in the Search box, and then select Display from the list of hardware types.



·         A 500 MHz or faster processor

·         128 MB or higher of RAM

·         Super VGA (800 × 600) or higher video resolution monitor

·         A video display adapter with hardware 3-D graphics acceleration and 16 MB or more of video memory, including the following:

·         Matrox G400 and G450

·         SiS300

·         Trident BladeXP 128

·         3Dlabs Permedia 3

·         Video cards using the ATI Radeon and Rage 128 chipsets

·         Video cards using the NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 and GeForce chipsets

If you are using a video adapter containing the ATI or NVIDIA chipsets, we recommend you download and install the latest video card software drivers from the manufacturer's Web site.




Digital Music with Windows Media Player 9 Series


Windows Media Player 9 Series Skins


The Windows XP Winter Fun Pack comes with two exciting Holiday Skins.  For instructions on using skins, open Windows Media Player, press F1, and then search for "skin."




Ginger Man


Get into the season with the Windows Media Player skin that’s good enough to eat. 


This skin has been left out in the snow, but your music is still hot.  


Holiday Music Auto Playlists

Fun new holiday themed Auto Playlists use Windows Media Player 9 Series’ Smart Jukebox features to find and organize your holiday music into mixes.





These three new sets of four Auto Playlists automatically find all of your holiday music, so you can easily enjoy it whenever you want.  In addition, these playlists make it easy for you to transfer your favorite holiday hits to your portable music device or burn a CD.   




Once installed, the Holiday Auto Playlists should show up in Windows Media Player 9 Series' Media Library under, "Auto Playlists".  You can also find them in your My Documents\My Music\My Playlists folder.

Windows Media Player 9 Series Visualizations

The Windows XP Winter Fun Pack includes two exciting visualizations for Windows Media Player 9 Series.  For instructions on using visualizations, open Windows Media Player, press F1, and then search for "visualization."




Yule Log Visualization


With this visualization you can enjoy the pops and flares of a traditional Yule log on the fire, to the beat of your music.  

Note:  Requires 3D Graphics accelerator with at least 16 MB of video memory.

Picture It! Visualization 2: Winter Edition


Display the included winter scenes or your own pictures as a visualization in Windows Media Player 9 Series.  An amazing number of configurable settings are available by clicking on the visualization in Now Playing.  Also compatible with Mini-Player and full screen modes.




Digital Video with Windows Movie Maker 2

Make home movies like a pro with Windows Movie Maker 2 and this expansive collection of wintry sound effects, holiday music, titles and video titles.  Whatever the occasion, there’s something here that will help you make your home movies even better!


All sounds and music are provided by has delivered sound effects for over sixty feature films, including Academy Award nominated films Meet The Parents, The Wonder Boys, As Good As It Gets, The Green Mile, Titanic, Stuart Little, and Jerry Maguire.  They have over 142,000 sound effects, music clips and samples online.  For more information, visit



Video Element


Winter Sound Effects


Add professional sound effects and music, courtesy of  There are 48 sound effects for the season that will definitely make your home movies more fun, including whooshes, snowballs and snowboarders. 

Winter Music

Also from, make your home movies special with 8 holiday songs, including “Jingle Bells” and “Silent Night.” 

Titles and Transitions


Static and video titles that you can add to your movies for that professional touch.  More than 10 to choose from.


Make sure to download the beta version of Windows Movie Maker 2 to get started.  You can find it at

Note:  Make sure to review the system requirements for Windows Movie Maker 2 beta to ensure that your PC will provide an optimal experience.  These requirements are listed on the download page.


Before you begin using this content, you must import it into Movie Maker. Here’s how:


To import Windows Movie Maker content:

1.  First, open Windows Movie Maker.  Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click on Windows Movie Maker.

2.  From the File menu, click Import and navigate to the location on your hard drive where you installed the Windows XP Winter Fun Pack. The default location is in your My Videos folder [My Documents à My Videosà Winter Fun Pack]. 


Note: When importing the Video Title Slides, uncheck the Create clips for video files box. This will ensure that the video files you import will remain in one piece.

3.      Select the clip or clips you wish to import. (Press and hold the CTRL key while selecting multiple files.) 

4.      Click Open to import the clips.  The video files will now be in Collections folders in Windows Movie Maker 2.


For more information about Windows Movie Maker 2, please visit



Digital Photography, Communications & Browsing


Holiday Greeting Card Templates
There are 7 greeting card templates that you can use with Microsoft® Picture It!® (or other graphics programs) to create your own holiday cards, personalized with your photos.  Either send them via email, or print them out and mail them. 


Internet Explorer 6 Holiday Favorites

We’ve collected 40 great holiday sites, which will help you do everything from finding the perfect gift to finding holiday recipes to make your get-togethers more enjoyable.  Once installed, these will appear in your Favorites menu.  Just open Internet Explorer and click on the Favorites drop-down menu.  They will be in a folder called “Holiday Favorites.”



Winter Fun Screensavers




Holiday Snowflakes Screensaver


Transform your PC monitor into a winter wonderland with three-dimensional snowflakes falling from the sky.  Features special holiday greetings.

Amazing Windows XP Screensaver

Do Amazing Things with Windows XP.  An interactive screensaver with special sound effects.  Floating spheres and soothing blue waves show the amazing things you can do with Windows XP.


To install the screensavers:


·         Download the Screensaver to your local hard drive

·         Once the download process is complete, double click the “screensaver name.exe” to begin installation.

·         Once the installation is completed, the display properties dialogue box will appear and confirm that your installation was successful. This will also allow you to make any adjustments to your screensaver settings.


Minimum System Requirements for the Screensavers:

·         Optimized for Microsoft Windows XP.  However, the screensavers will also run on Windows 98 SE/2000/Me.

·         Pentium II 300 MHz or better

·         Microsoft DirectX 7 or higher

·         128 MB of RAM or more

·         A minimum 32 megabyte graphics card that supports DirectX 7 or later (example: NVIDIA GeForce2 MX or later)

·         Windows Media Player 7 or higher installed

·         Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later

·         Minimum of 15 MB free disk space


How to Uninstall the Windows XP Winter Fun Packs

To uninstall the Windows XP Winter Fun Pack, use the following procedures.



To uninstall the Visualizations

1.      In Windows Media Player full mode, click Tools, and then click Options.

2.      On the Visualizations tab, click the visualization you want to remove.

3.      Click Remove, and then click Yes when prompted.


To uninstall the Skins

1.      In Windows Media Player full mode, click the Skin Chooser feature.

2.      In the list of skins, click Gingerbread Man, and then click the Delete button. 

3.  Repeat #2 for Ice


To uninstall any of the Movie Maker components:

1.      Click on the Start menu.

2.      Select Control Panel. 

3.   Double-click on Add or Remove Programs.

4.   Select the Movie Maker component you want to remove, then click Change/Remove.



Feedback about the Windows XP Winter Fun Packs


Your feedback is valuable! Tell us what you think about the any of the elements contained within this package, or what you'd like to see in future releases.  We'd love to hear your comments via the Windows Media Wish website.


Click to go to the Windows Media Wish Website now.



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