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             Stepp’s GR CH Angus      



Angus was the consummate pit dog. He was a 6x winner and  defeated what fanciers considered Aces, including Crenshaw’s CH Otis (6x) and Kummerlings CH Freddie (a winning litter mate to O. Stevens’ CH Homer). Angus went into the best dogmen and all the dogs he beat had won 2 or more matches. He was an excellent head dog and many of his matches didn’t go long and were completely one sided. A true Ace…

The history of Stepp's Angus

Some dogs can be recognized by titles they earn such as champion, grand champion and register of merit, Angus is recognized by the title of "Champion of Champions". Angus' sire was a dog named Willie Brown's Nigger, who was a two time winner, sired by Clayton's Eli, Jr. bred to his mother, Boudreaux' Spook. Angus' dam, O. Stevens' Heidi, was bred by A. Steinberg from Sly Fox to Red Pepper (Ed Ritcheson blood) and was a litter mate to Ch. Prince. She was originally owned by O. Stevens' and matched once at twenty nine and a half pounds. She demonstrated the fustrating style of hanging on the bottom jaw and discouraging her opponent until Ziggy M. and Tony M. conceided the match in an hour. Ozzie then traded her to Big Brad and Keummerling, because he didn't have any use for her, as far as breeding. The bitch she was traded for was a cold gyp, at the time, named Geraldine. Big Brad tested Angus and because of the fact that Big Brad had numerous winners already on his yard, he sold Angus to Billy Stepp as a game dog. Angus then went on to shake up the dog world by defeating Rixey's Coal Cat, Jay's Buster, Crenshaw's Ch. Otis, Keummerling's Ch. Freddie (brother to O. Stevens' Ch. Homer), Garza's Heman and Love's Tiger, all of which were great dogs. Angus was then hooked into, the then 3X winner, Ch. Jeep as a rematch for the victory over Stinson and Stepp's Ch. Black Glover. During the keep, Angus was involved in an accidental kennel fight with Ch. Ruby and was wrecked in the chest area, thus forcing Stepp to pay the forfeit to J. Crenshaw. After Angus healed from this incident, they hooked up with Crenshaw to try the Angus / Jeep match again. Unfortunately, Angus got loose once again and ran straight into Ruby. By the time Stepp got there, the damage was aleady done, because so much money was riding on this match, Stepp and Co. asked O. Stevens if they could borrow, the 4X winner, Ch. Homer as a replacement so as not to lose another forfeit. Which is how one of the greatest matches of all time came about, Crenshaw's Ch. Jeep VS Stevens' Ch. Homer. Angus wasn't bred many times, but in his few breedings he sired good dogs such as Diaz' Ch. Mac, out of Torres' George. When bred to Stepp's Ch. Ruby, he produced Broadway Jack's Gee Whiz, Super Gnat's Guess (2X winner), Super Gnat's Ch. Butch, Suzy, and the 7X winner Racehorse. Also, there was Solo's Cobra, Big Brad's Loco, Patience, and Tara, Texas Ron's Major, Frankie, Sassy, Evil (who lost to O. Stevens' Ch. Zero), and Ralph's Prince (who was picked up at 1:57). He was the sort of dog that would overcome, and adapt to any style that was put before him as his record shows. In competitions, he defeated many whom went on to become foundation stock for other breeding programs. From all accounts told he possessed smarts, mouth, ability, gameness (reason he was sold by Big Brad), structure, his only downfall was he was a man-biter, such as many of the best-to-be were ie; Gr Ch Art (ROM), Gr Ch Zebo (ROM), Dbl Gr Ch Tornado, Ch Honeybunch (ROM), and Ch Yellow John (ROM) just to name a few with very similar qualities.







              W. Brown’s Nigger

Clayton’s Eli Jr

Boudreaux’ Eli

Boudreaux’ Scrub

Boudreaux’ Kandee

Boudreaux’ Spook

Boudreuax’ Boze

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Boudreaux’ Spook

Boudreaux’ Boze

Boudreaux’ Scrub

Boudreaux’ Kandee

Boudreaux’ Penny

Kinard’s Young Rock

Boudreuax’ Peggy

              Steinberg’s Heidi

Steinberg’s Sly Fox

Crenshaw’s Major

Crenshaw’s Diablo Rojo

Crenshaw’s Ruby

Jones’ Zee Zee

Jones’ Tiger

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