Jeni Jeni Sujaya

Student Assistant 2

Department of MIS
320 West 8th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43201-1230
phone: 614-292-3757

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Hello there...!!
 To know me more, this is the right place.

Jeni Sujaya is my full name, Indonesia is the country where I am from. Presently, I am pursuing my undergraduate degree at The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH) with a MIS (Management Information System) major standing at the level of Senior. Wow... I'm nearly ended, see how contented I am!! Apart from all my enthusiasms and eagerness to come to an end, I became conscious about seeking a "real-world" profession where I can apply all my knowledge and proficiencies into it. I have been more active doing my job-hunting out there lately especially searching for my Internship opportunity since I have not many quarters left at school. Thus, My focus is not simply chasing for my Bachelor of Science degree at the Fisher College of Business , but acquiring a career will be a major concern. Sounds like a clear-headed person, huh??!! Anyway, I have a part-time occupation at my school though, working as a student assistant at the Telecommunications System department (UNITS). I am relatively new to this firm, just about six months old. I worked at the OSU's CIS department earlier as a lab consultant for about a year. I love, enjoy, and appreciate every job that I engage. Very constructive and so much fun. If interested in knowing what my roles and involvements to those departments are, Just click on here.

Ever wonder what my personalities are?? Mmm... Telling the truth is I am a well-mannered person who is also fascinating, friendly, polite, and attractive individual to associate, go around, and spend time with. Last but not least, flexibility is what I have on my character's list as well. So, what are u waiting for?? *o*

What else I can share with you...?? Oh yeeeah.. I like doing exercises nowadays, because not only I am aware of keeping my body fit, but also I want to get ready by the time my sister gets married which is the end of this 2002. Huh... seven months to go... But, pretty confident!! yeh..yeh.. Besides this activity, I do love to cook as well. Who wants to try out my cooking?? Asian food is what I am capable of and guess what I would say, pretty talented!!

Alright, I think you already have some idea about me through this quite long and thorough description written by me. If you have any comments, critiques, suggestions or even would like to have a chat with me, I am welcoming you to my direct and fast line.

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