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Welcome To Our Homepage!

Are you a member of the Sapphire Empire guild? If no, click here to join. If you are...WELCOME!!!

Now, since we assumed you have already joined (since we are such an impressive guild), let us now have some fun. You know how to surf the web don't you? So just click around, or read the next paragraph.

Now, what is in here? Since we can't think of anything to say, just click around or read the next sentence. Since you don't want to click around, too bad, you are stuck here forever! MUAHAHAHA! Or you may want to scroll up to the top and read it all over again! Then, you might decide to click around. Or you may just stare at this full might want to read the next paragraph...

You have chose to read this paragraph, for some reasons only known to yourself. Well, too bad good for you! Now we shall order you around!!! Read on at your own risk... Shift your eyes to the left coloumn, and click whatever word you please! Why are you still here? Do you love us so much? Yes? Then you won't mind reading the WHOLE thing once more!
Sapphire Empire Guild Council.