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Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes

After a charity show in London and a six-date tour last fall that was captured for an album, the Black Crowes and Jimmy Page are hungry for more. The pairing kicks off a nationwide tour in June that features a conglomeration of Led Zeppelin favorites and songs new and old from the Crowes. "The coolest thing about the whole thing is that I think we fit with Jimmy so well," says Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson. "I think we were all surprised at how well it came off last tour." Expect the set list to be spontaneous. "That's how we like it, and that's how Jimmy likes it,"says Robinson. "The main, thing is, there will be a lot more songs than on the fall tour, and we'll be more comfortable with the material. We're just excited to hit the stage."

08/21/00:Second Leg of Tour has been cancelled. Stay Tuned for Reschedule dates!

Second Leg On Sale Dates (taken from

o8.13.00 - Phoenix, AZ - Desert Sky (On Sale: 06/03/00)
o8.15.00 - Irvine, CA - Irvine Meadows (On Sale: TBA)
o8.18.00 - George, WA - The Gorge (On Sale: 06/03/00)
o8.2o.00 - Sacremento, CA - Valley Amphitheater (On Sale:06/03/00)
o8.22.00 - Mountain View, CA - Shoreline (On Sale: 06/04/00)
o8.25.00 - Denver, CO - Pepsi Center (On Sale: 06/03/00)
o8.28.00 - Dallas, TX - Reunion Arena (On Sale: 06/03/00)
o8.3o.00 - Spring, TX - The Woodlands (On Sale: 06/03/00)

Kenny Wayne Sherperd

will open the first leg of the tour (june,24-july,01:2000) and will not open on June 29th at the Milwaukee Sumerfest.

Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes

Announce Tour Dates Page, Crowes tour will coincide with the Who's

Finally, it's official. Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes, the southern-fried Zeppelin that first reared it's head last fall for a handful of club dates and a subsequent live CD, will shake their moneymakers across the U.S. this summer with a twenty-two date (and counting) tour. If you didn't see this one coming from miles away, chances are you missed the news earlier this week that the Who were reuniting for the upteenth time in two decades - as Pete Townshend and Co. announced earlier this week that they would be sharing a road crew with Page and the Crowes.

As reported from the Who's press conference on Monday, the bands will play the same cities and venues on alternate nights (though three nights on the Page/Crowes tour will not be routed with the Who: July 4 in Raleigh, N.C.; Aug. 8 in Sacramento, Calif; and Sept. 29 in Noblesville, Ind.) Tickets will be sold separately for each show, but fans buying lawn tickets for both nights will get a $7.50 discount for each night. Although none of the dates announced so far feature the Page/Crowes combo sharing the same bill with the Who, more dates are expected to be added in October, possibly including a Madison Square Garden show featuring both bands that Roger Daltrey alluded to at the press conference.

Both tours are being sponsored by, the custom-CD site currently selling Internet-only double live CDs by both bands. The Page/Crowes disc, Live at the Greek, was released on Feb. 19 and has spawned a hit radio single with "What Is and What Should Never Be."

Tickets for the first twenty-two dates of the Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes tour go on sale April 29. The confirmed dates are as follows:

6/24: Chicago, IL, New World Music Theater
6/26: Detroit, MI, The Palace of Auburn Hills
6/28: Pittsburgh, PA, Coca-Cola Star Lake 6/30: Holmdel, NJ, PNC Bank Arts Center
7/2: Boston, MA, Great Woods 7/4: Raleigh, NC, Walnut Creek Amphitheater
7/6: Washington, DC, Nissan Pavilion 7/8: Philadelphia, PA, E Center
7/10: Wantaugh, NY, Jones Beach Amphitheater
8/13: Phoenix, AZ, Blockbuster Desert Sky
8/15: Irvine, CA, Irvine Meadows
8/18: Seattle, WA, Gorge Amphitheater
8/20: Sacramento, CA, Valley Amphitheater
8/22: Mountain View, CA, Shoreline Amphitheater
8/25: Denver, CO, Pepsi Center
8/28: Dallas, TX, Reunion Arena
8/30: Houston, TX, Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
9/23: Miami, FL, Coral Sky
9/25: Tampa Bay, FL, Ice Palace
9/27: Atlanta, GA, Philips Arena
9/29: Noblesville, IN, Deer Creek Music Center
10/1: Cleveland, OH, Gund Arena

RICHARD SKANSE (April 15, 2000)

Black Crowes & Jimmy Page Tour Dates!

Taken From

6/24/00: Chicago, IL/New World Music Theatre
6/26/00: Detroit, MI/The Palace of Auburn Hills
6/28/00: Pittsburgh, PA/Coca-Cola Star Lake
6/30/00: Holmdel, NJ/PNC Bank Arts Center
7/2/00: Boston, MA/Great Woods
7/6/00: Washington, DC/Nissan Pavilion
7/8/00: Philadelphia, PA/E Center
7/10/00: Wantaugh, NY/Jones Beach Amphitheatre
8/13/00: Phoenix, AZ/Blockbuster Desert Sky
8/15/00: Irvine, CA/Irvine Meadows
8/18/00: Seattle, WA/Gorge Amphitheatre/Taken The Who is scheduled to play on Saturday August 19 at the Gorge, but boa lists Crowes otherwise. I believe the two bands are sharing same traveling pack, so I believe the dates are up in the air

8/22/00: Mountain View, CA/Shoreline Amphitheatre
8/25/00: Denver, CO/Pepsi Center
8/28/00: Dallas, TX/Reunion Arena
8/30/00: Houston, TX/Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
9/23/00: Miami, FL/Coral Sky
9/25/00: Tampa Bay, FL/Ice Palace
9/27/00: Atlanta, GA/Philips Arena
10/1/00: Cleveland, OH/Gund Arena
10/3/00: Toronto, ONT/Air Canada Centre

04/06/00: Article Taken from Wall of Sound

You've heard the rumors of The Who touring with Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes this summer. And maybe you've seen Page giving an interview and adamantly denying that the two bands are playing together. What gives? Sources close to the project tell Wall of Sound that they're both right. In a twist of marketing and production genius, The Who, Page, and The Crowes are going out on the road together. They're just playing different nights. Confused? All will be revealed next week, when tour dates are officially announced. But here's a sneak preview: Each city gets two bands, two concerts, but only one road crew. It's a first for a tour of this size: sharing a road crew, lights, sound, and even the actual stage itself. When the tour hits a town, it will usually be for two nights. The crew will set up in the arena or amphitheater, and then The Who will perform on one night, and Page and the Crowes will perform on the other. Two tickets, two separate shows but greatly reduced production costs. If you want both shows, however, you'll have to cough up the dough twice; a proposal that would allow fans to buy a two-night package deal has been scuttled for the moment. And there may be a few cities that see just one show either The Who or Page and the Crowes but not both, depending on a band's draw in the region. Who singer Roger Daltry told Wall of Sound in a recent interview that the band will likely play some new material, which may eventually find its way onto a studio album. As for Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes, the group's last set of live dates resulted in an Internet-only album, Live at the Greek. The Who has scheduled a press conference for Monday to announce its dates, which will kick off June 25 in Chicago. Wall of Sound has also independently confirmed dates for both groups in Denver Aug. 23 and 24

03/06/00: Jimmy Page has said that the Billboard article is not true here is a link to Jam: and here is the article: Reports of a blockbuster summer tour featuring Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page with The Black Crowes and the reformed Who are greatly exaggerated, Page says. The reclusive guitarist told JAM! he was upset by reports in trade publications stating that the tandem tour was likely. "You know, there has been a vicious, nasty rumor going around that I'm going to be supporting The Who or opening for The Who, which there could be nothing further form the truth. Believe me," Page said Thursday from New York. Page and the Crowes recently released, via the online music site, a joint live album recorded at Los Angeles' Greek Theatre, and the guitarist said there has been some very preliminary discussions about reuniting with the band for some summer dates. But any talk of a tour with The Who is just speculation. "To be honest with you, the only way to describe it is someone has made a meal out of a snack, do you know what I mean? And unfortunately, the main culprit is Billboard," Page said, referring to the music-industry trade paper which originated the story. "Let's put it this way: There was discussions to continue a six-date wee, wee mini-condensed tour (with the Black Crowes) and take that just a little further. There's discussions, you know. But nothing has been finalized yet. "Never mind about The Who and all the rest of it. The most imnportant thing is there has been overtures to do some more dates. I had such a wonderful time playing with the Black Crowes. That, I think, would be a lot of fun." He also poured water on reports that he would be heading into the studio with the Crowes to record original material. "Was that in Billboard as well? What was being said (to reporters) was there is a lot of possibilities, so many things we could do, and if we did any of them or none of them or all of them," Page said. "It's just lots of different options. But let's put it this way: The bottom line is it would be nice to do something together. There's all time scales, everyone has got their own schedule. Nobody wants to pre-empt what the conclusion could be." Although he sounded disappointed by the rampant rumors, he conceded that it demonstrates people are still intensely interested in his work. "I guess so. You are right about that. I shouldn't be that upset. As you say, they wouldn't show any interest at all if they didn't care."

Page/Crowes To Tour U.S. With The Who: Billboard Online has exclusive details on what is shaping up to be one of the summer's hottest concert tickets. According to a source, SFX Entertainment will produce a "rock'n'roll caravan"-style show featuring the supergroup of Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes and, on some or all dates, the Who. Details are still being finalized, but the tour is expected to play 25-35 dates beginning in July, at mostly outdoor venues. Although the acts will rotate from city to city, a handful of double bills featuring both acts are in the works, several of which are planned for the conclusion of the tour. Both acts recently inked deals with online retailer to offer downloadable live albums. "Jimmy Page And The Black Crowes Live At The Greek" -- drawn from the final two shows of the group's brief fall 1999 U.S. tour -- will be sold exclusively online beginning today (Feb. 29). A live Who album recorded last winter at shows in Chicago and London will be made available later this spring exclusively through Musicmaker. The tour will be the Who's first since 1997, when the act's surviving members -- guitarist Pete Townshend, vocalist Roger Daltrey, and bassist John Entwistle -- regrouped to perform the Who's 1973 rock opera, "Quadrophenia." Last fall, the band reformed again for a handful of charity concerts in the U.S. and U.K. At these shows, the core group was backed by drummer Zak Starkey (the son of Ringo Starr) and longtime Townshend keyboardist John "Rabbit" Bundrick. --Ray Waddell, Nashville; Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

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