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HeY fRiEnDs

"Good friends are rich and rare,
bad friends are like autumn leaves
falling everywhere."

I want to take this opportunity to
thank all my online brothers and sisters, you have supported me with words of encouragement
and urged me to keep going. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone and if I did, I'm sorry but you're
in my thoughts.
Thankies! LOL GIGGLE

~A special thank you to Gypsy and BlackKnight~
You both came into my life 7 years
ago as 2 strangers and over the years a
friendship was born and still going today.
When I needed a friend to listen to me whine,
and someone to catch my tears, you were
both there.I know now I'll never be blue
as I have found true friends in you.
BIG HUGS bro and best sis
here's to many years of a
good online friendship.