The Unexpected Goodbye

Waiting anxiously for his return, she waits patiently by the phone
Hoping that sooner or later he'd call to let her know he's home
Once she finds out he's there.
she runs to call him and hear what he has to share.

She was so glad to talk to him, tell him about what she had planned.
how happy she was to see him, tickle, hug him, and hold his hand.
She was so excited bout their anniversary being the next day.
she had so many little things for him and had so much to say.

she had the conversation with her parents that he wanted her to have.
she planned on spending as much time together,being able to talk and laugh.
She went shopping that weekend to find something special.
'cuz she knew being with the one she loved for 6 months was something to be treasured.

she listened while he talked about how much fun he had.
how he couldn't wait to go up there and how it was a blast.
he talked about how busy he was, he "couldn't even watch tv".
he told her about the people he met and said "i even found a girl that would do my laundry for me!".

she was happy to hear that he had fun and about how it was going to be.
but then she began to feel a little sad and thought "well, what about me?".
he then told her that it would be too hard for the relationship to work.
he said there would be no time and breaking up will avoid them from getting hurt.

when she heard what he had said, she couldn't believe her ears.
what happened to his promises how they would be together for so many years?.
she had nothing to say except ask why.
she wanted to know specific reasons but all she did was cry.

she thought of all the things that they had been planning to do.
what about their calendar, picnic, or riding the canoe?.
she felt so bad and hurt inside remembering all the sweet things he said.
how he'd never hurt her, and told her he loved her every night before she went to bed.

her heart ached and her eyes weld up in tears.
as they both knew from the beginning that this was one of her biggest fears.
she wanted to stay on the phone, she had so many things that she wanted to say.
what bout the love we had, the plans, the future...he just said "i'll talk to you later ok?"

she was so sad no words would come out, not matter how hard she would try.
but finally she did her best and was able to whisper one last goodbye.
after slowly hanging up the phone.
her heart was broken and she felt so alone.

how will she find a way to be able to deal with all the sorrow?
especially when she thought about how their anniversary would've been tomorrow.
she couldn't sleep, or couldn't eat, all she did was cry.
she would just think about all their memories and how she wanted to die.

how could someone do this to me and hurt me so bad?
he made me so happy and then just changed everything around so fast.
she gave him all the trust he had and loved him like no other.
she never thought they would end like this to where she'd be the one to suffer.

she kept on wishing that it was all a dream.
she wondered how can he all of a sudden be so cruel and mean?
did he forget about all the feelings he said he had inside?
or were they never true and there was a chance that the might've lied?

she began to doubt everything he's ever said.
and all these bad thoughts wouldn't leave her head.
she then stopped herself and said "no, this can't be true!
what about all the things he did and didn't do for you?"

she cried, "how will i survive?" and "it's so not fair!"
i meant everything i ever said to him i really loved him and really cared!
she slowly began to accept that he'd no longer be there
no more long phone calls, hugs, kisses, or playing with her hair

she knew he was the one she wanted- the almost perfect guy
she was so sad to be left alone and having to say this time forever...goodbye
how will she bear the pain or find a love like that again
how will she go on, will the hurt or sadness ever end?

she then remembered how she'd been hurt before
he was the one to counsel her, helped her move on, and not hurt anymore
he said that he found out that the best way to have the hurt and pain end
was to just be patient and give the heart time to mend

she now accepts the fact that what is done is done
but because of pain she won't give up her love so easily for just anyone
she'll enjoy the upcoming years, date, hang out, and just have fun
sooner or later when the time comes God will show her who's the one

but in the meantime she'll remember all the jokes, laughs, and songs they sung
and she'll always remember him as the one whom she was always able to talk to and have fun
looking at the bright side of things, it turned out in the end
she was now able to make and call him her friend

~by Becca

Without Trust

You always cheated,
You Always lied,
You only apologized when I cried.

I was always the one to blame, always the one who should feel ashamed.
But I will no longer, because I know all this isn't fair, so really I no longer care.

And now you are cryin' back for me to stay,
guess you know now how I felt for all the times you pushed me away.
So Please understand, that there is no more us,
because I won't be with someone I know I can't trust.
~by Cristela

Why I Still Love You

Sitting here thinking, of the times you've hurt me.
Wondering why I still love you.
Maybe it's your eyes, the way they make me feel so good inside.
Or the way you smile, that makes me feel that I've never been so happy in my life.
It's probably just the way you are you, a funny, sweet, caring, cute guy that every girl dreams of
But all the times you hurt me,
I just don't understand, why I still love you.
~by Amanda Maldonado