Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why do you hate men so much?
Please see Why Men Suck

2. I'm personally offended by your website. You must be lesbians who couldn't get any guys, and that's why you're so bitter towards men.
Actually, we're quite heterosexual and don't need men in our lives to be happy. This page is all in good fun, to help people cope with their breakups so don't email us telling us how mean we are. We already know.

3. There are a few nice guys out there so please don't judge us all by the two jerks you girls dated who treated you like crap. We know. However the key word is few. Coming soon is a page of "The good guys" out there who don't cheat, keep their promises, and treat women they way they were meant to be treated. If you think you qualify, drop us a line here .

4. Guys aren't always the bad guy in relationships that fail. Can you add something about how women suck?
Don't worry cause we don't like women either! We're currently working on a "Why Women Suck" Page, if you have any suggestions, let us know by emailing us!

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