Celebrity Breakups
Britney Spears

Is Britney Spears’ breakup with Justin Timberlake affecting her work? A backstage source at the belly-baring singer’s concerts says that the usually spunky, upbeat Spears has been in a “deep funk.” “She has been really depressed due to the breakup and just wants this tour to be over,” says the insider, who says that some of Spears’ handlers are upset that she hasn’t been interacting with fans more.“There were even points during the show when she would not bother to lip-sync to the track the audience was hearing. . . as if she did not even care.” The insider says that “all ties are now severed” with her former sweetie because last week Spears bought Timberlake’s share of the house they lived in. But, the source adds brightly, “Maybe she’ll be able to sing about her breakup in her next album.”
Pop queen Britney Spears is still heartbroken over her breakup with *NSYNC singer Justin Timberlake--now, if only everyone would stop asking her about it. "I'm still hurting but I try to see it as an experience," Spears tells the U.K. tabloid The Sun. "The worst thing is everyone wants to talk to me about it. Everywhere I go people are asking me how I am." The lovelorn Spears insists to the paper that there's no new man in her life, "I am the type of person who can't go from a serious relationship and then just start dating someone else straight away. It's a strange feeling getting used to being single again, but I suppose I'll just have to cope. I'm just starting to get the knack of it because ever since I was 15 I've been in a serious relationship." (Steve Iervolino, New York)
It hurts too bad," the 'NSYNC singer was quoted as telling People magazine, published Friday. "You get to a point when you're crying yourself to sleep every night. I feel like I'm in the middle of a soap opera. I honestly know what it's like to have a broken heart," he said. Timberlake says he is still unattached ("I haven't been with anyone. Not a date, not a kiss," he told People) but admits having whooped it up in bars and clubs with his 'NSYNC bandmates after the split. Even so, he said "I love Britney and I'll always love her." *Mandy and Becca recently attended one of Britney's concert and we just want to say that we love her too!

Halle Berry

Halle met and fell in love with Atlanta Braves outfielder David Justice. Despite her fear that she would never learn how to have a stale relationship, Halle proposed to Justice six months after they met. The couple had a fair tale wedding and were regularly featured in magazines as one of the most beautiful celebrity couples. Sadly their marriage faultered in less than three years ending bitterly. The story behind their breakup was tragic, and it left Halle very vulnerable. She’d thought she was saying "I do" forever, but was depressed to find that her husband was less than worthy of such a vow. She threw herself into charity work, including a treacherous trip to Sarajevo to support our troops, and many hours of participation in the National Breast Cancer Coalition. Her humanitarian efforts would result in a prestigious award from the Harvard foundation for intercultural and Race relations, an honor that moved Halle to tears when she received it. After Halle’s nasty divorce, she had the full support of the media, and she bounced back, resuming her hectic film career and revisiting television. She is an inspiration to everyone who’s ever survived an acrimonious divorce. Halle’s recent films have been escapist fare like Executive Decision (1996) and the hilarious comedy B.A.P.S. (1997), with the exception of her appearance in this year’s scratching political satire Bulworth with Warren Beatty.

Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman

The divorce of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman after 10 years of marriage "is going to get so ugly," a friend of the actress' tells PEOPLE in its new cover story. As more comes to light about the breakup, the magazine reports, it seems clear that Cruise, 38, is calling the shots. His decision to file for divorce on Feb. 7, just two days after the couple announced their separation, left Kidman, 33, "high and dry" and humiliated, says a friend. What's more, the pair had only begun talking seriously about a separation a couple of weeks before they split, when tensions over differences -- as abstract as religion and as concrete as where to vacation -- came to a head. Cruise "is playing hardball," family-law attorney Lynn Soodik told PEOPLE, citing his plea, in which Cruise, who did not have a prenuptial agreement with Kidman, states that the marriage ended in December and lasted precisely nine years and 11 months. (California judges look differently upon marriages that last at least a decade when it comes time to divvy up the estate.) The fact that the pair seemed to be together after their 10th anniversary on Dec. 24 -- even taking in a thrill ride in Las Vegas on Dec. 28 -- may come into consideration, should Kidman decide to challenge Cruise. (At press time she had yet to file a response.) Meanwhile, Cruise has gone so far as to ask the court something stunning, reveals PEOPLE: not to even consider his paying any alimony. Cruise is already dating again. He's been seeing actress Penelope Cruz, his co-star in the upcoming film Vanilla Sky, which was shot late last year in New York. His new relationship, which has made the covers of supermarket tabloids, is no secret to Kidman, but she had no interest in discussing it. Kidman will be taking some time off after the release of her new thriller. She said she is looking forward to whatever comes next in her life. "Now I'm a person that carries everything that's happened to me, my past, with me into my future," Kidman said. "But I refuse to let it make me bitter, I still completely believe in love, and I'm open to anything that will happen to me."