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Medical Robotics

-ISTF Project #0280 was developed in response to the 2001-2002 Internet science and technology fair.

-Medical Robotics

The product that our team has created is involved in long distance technology. The robotic device that we have come up with is going to do the job even if the doctor is many miles away. Our robotic device will do the surgery through a computer. The patient could be anywhere needing the best medical assistance but not have the time to fly anywhere. Once the patient gets in contact with the doctor, the robot handles it all. the doctor will treat and perform the surgery through the computer letting the robot do all the work.

Yet, because of all the technology that will be needed to get it to work, the surgery will have a high cost. Depending on the cost of the surgery you would like, or need, to have done, changes the price. For example, if you were to go get by pass surgery on your heart with a regular doctor, the price would be about $65,000, But with this new technology, the price would triple and be about $195,000. No it is not a cheap way of doing it, but yes, it is the best. It is the only way you can get the best doctor that may be half way around the world to operate on you.

You would be able to get a hold of this through an insurance company. If you let them know what needs done or this type of surgery is prescribed, than your insurance company will be able to get in touch with the doctor. The only way to get people to do this is through sales. That will take as much as getting this product on the television and display signs in the hospitals all over the world. For the first year we will display this type of technology in the hospitals. From then on for the next two years we will have all the doctors tell about it even show the new robotic device on the television when showing hospital commercials. With this new product the future will go far in technological advances in robotic surgery. Everyone will be able to get the help they need quickly and by the best doctors in the needed field.

Bishop Moore High School, Orlando Florida

Technical advisor-David Bourne- Principal scientist robotics CMU

Sponsor-David Bourne- Principal scientist robotics CMU


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