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Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

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W2K Server
W2K Professional
Network Admin
Active Directory
Network Manager
Exchange 2000
AD Design
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Welcome to my

Resume and Skill Set Web Site

 This site is intended to document my certifications and skill set. Below, and to the left, you will find links to my resume as well as links to web pages that breakdown my skill set. These are the skills that I mastered.

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 Please, feel free to take a look. For a printable resume click Resume.doc (w/cover template click here). Since I enabled Front Page Extensions, on angelfire, you may get a login dialog box after visiting any of the documents. Just click cancel on the login dialog box. Please email me if you have any trouble.

Thank You,

Leonard J. Sass III, MCSE

Current titles: MCP, MCSA and MCSE

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