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The Louis Nardis Web Page

That's pronounced - Loo ee' - like the french

His given name is "Louis Joseph Nardis" - we wanted to confuse the mailman

Awards Louis should win in the 21st century - Recent Accomplishments (Jan 2004)

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For a view of Louis' first day of sledding click here

Pictures of Louis at work and at play - click on captions below.

Click for Picks.
on 1st Ave, NYC, - Oct '01
w/ mom on dock - Jul'01
Sometimes you're happy - Oct'01
Sometimes you're sad - Oct'01
Sometimes the water's blue - Oct'01
Curly - Sep'01.
Louis at nine months! - Nov'00
Louis, stop beating me - I'm mowing as fast as I can! - Jul'00
Parlez-vous francais, Francine? - Dec'00
I'll take that Pina Colada anytime. - Jul'00
Louis & Mom - Jul'00
Some down time for Louis. - Jul'00


Louis loves school- and his teacher 'Miss Kathy'.
We're looking for a military school that takes 4 year olds.

webmaster = Louis' Dad