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Ask The Amish Ant War
Dan Aykroyd sees a UFO on Martha's Vineyard Kill the cute little ducks
Mr. Methane performs LIVE Boxing match with OJ
The origins of Navy terminology Pacman
Mom please don't actually make these recipes Bowl
How to dance properly flea round-up
Have a Star Trek wedding test your knowledge of state capitals
Weekly World News... quality journalism!!! Quiz your flower knowledge
look at cute wittle bunnies Cricket with a twist
Strange Sites Things To Do When You're Bored
Adult Children Of Alien Abductees Interactive Multi-Lingual Demo
Butt Print Art Watch Austin Powers dance
Last words of famous people Evil fortune cookie
frogs with hair Barbie and Ken's honeymoon pictures
a bizarre news story involving a street sweeper Make Bush dance
men who look like Kenny Rogers Find a Grave
Mummify your pet Tarot card readings
pluck some guy's nose hairs decorate a Christmas tree
Penguin dreams famous monkeys
please don't use these pick-up lines. ever. Fun facts about Freddie Prinze Jr.
Haters of Rotten Bananas unite??? Find out who you were in your past life
Strange names buy a miniature donkey
A list of phobias learn all of those nifty little shortcuts
The Toaster Museum Foundation create your own haiku
Turn your loved ones into diamonds test your reflexes
What era are you? learn some random (useless) facts
Klingons for Christ How not to talk like a dumbass
Dr. Pepper museum It's good to know when you're going to encounter nuclear waste
The Homepage of God Build yerself  cow!
I'm not quite sure what this is
Watch drunk people get married in Vegas