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1001 Things Everyone Should Know About the South


"Iíve been telling people I wouldnít give a blurb to another book if my Mama wrote it. But if Mama had written this one, Iíd have to rethink my policy. Itís that good." --Roy Blount

"This book should be placed in every babyís cradle. It is that necessary. The Reeds cast an unflinching eye upon the South, emerging with a lively, wickedly funny evaluation of why we do the things we do. From hookworm to Huey Long, they cover all our hallowed grounds. Friends and family of mine will find 1001 Things in their Christmas stockings." --Kaye Gibbons

"An informative encyclopedia that is also side-splittingly funny." --Florence King

"A smorgasbord of people, places, foods, and foibles that make the South the most delectable region of the country. John Shelton Reed and Dale Volberg Reed have cooked up a feast." --Nathalie Dupree

"1001 Things should catapult John and Dale Reed right up there with Elijah Craig and Lem Motlow as distillers of things Southern. This is your basic cultural pony, a quick and easy self-guided tour through Dixie, the best and worst of it, in three hundred pages of prose as smooth and mellow as if it had been filtered through charcoal. No Sunbelt sojourner should leave home without it." --John Egerton

"This book is pure pleasure. It is accurate down to the last detail. It is funny when it ought to be (a lot of the time) and keeps a serious demeanor when that is appropriate. The entries are precise; the wonderful illustrations are nicely evocative. All it needs is a soundtrack." --George Garrett

"The one indispensable book about the South. Funny, fun to read, and absolutely accurate. . . a must. Even if you think you already know everything about the South, you donít. Read this and youíll see." --Lee Smith

Authors' introduction to 1001 Things
Table of Contents
Excerpts from the chapter on Southern music (with sound)
Southern literature chapter

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