Kazaa 1.7

The Newest version of the most popular download program great reviews. Download nething from Mp3's to Jpg's.

Exit Killer

Exit Killer prevents any unwanted pop-up windows from generating on your computer screen. Based upon the sensitivity level chosen, it can detect and block a variety of the commonly-used advertising windows from running, while the highest sensitivity prevents any and all pop-up windows from appearing. This download works with Internet Explorer, Netscape, and AOL browsers


WebFerret provides a handy and efficient way to find information on the Web. It's fast, easy to use, and available from your desktop and from the Search Web option. Enter your search words and choose from four radio buttons: all keywords, any keyword, exact phrase, or boolean expression. WebFerret will use your Internet connection to query popular search engines and will return an unlimited number of hits. You can validate selected results, save your search history, and filter out pornography and foul language. Advanced features let you set the closeness of the match and remove duplicates. The results are returned as a sortable list. Just double-click on a link to bring up your browser and launch the page.

IncrediMail Xe build 690

IncrediMail is an advanced e-mail client that offers you an interactive experience. With IncrediMail you can personalize your e-mail according to your mood and personality. Choose from an assortment of e-mail backgrounds, animations, sounds, 3D effects, and e-cards. New features in IncrediMail Xe build 690 include the Swedish version of IncrediMail, the freezing bug fix, and the Select Recipients dialog bug fix