Leeds United Desktop Theme

The first downloadable Windows 95/98 Desktop Theme featuring Leeds United Football Club--includes, 3 sizes of wallpaper, icons, cursors, animated cursors, sounds and a screensaver

Matrix 2000 Desktop Theme

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SpiderMan Desktop Theme

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Bikini Girls Screensaver

This screensaver displays over 50 stunning high-quality photographic images and pictures of the world's most beautiful and exotic women in bikinis, thongs, and lingerie. Screensaver includes celebrities, models, and supermodels

Spiderman 3D Screensaver

This amazing free 3D screen saver features Spider-Man as he swings through the city, climbs walls, runs across rooftops, and does all the things you'd expect Spiderman to do, all in amazing real time 3D. Version 1.1 now contains background music and some small bug fixes.

Living Waterfalls

This screensaver displays realistic animation in beautiful tropical photographic scenes. Watch as water rushes over the falls and bubbles at the bottom, fish swim in the water, ripples appear on the surface of the water, and tropical birds (parrots and flamingoes) fly past, all accompanied by realistic nature sounds and a beautiful musical score in the background. Check out a screen shot.

3D Custon Screensaver

Create your own unique 3D screensaver using your own custom videos, images, and MP3s. Import your MPEG or AVI videos and JPEG, GIF, and BMP images. Make slide shows, photo albums, presentations, and so on. It displays 20 different 3D scenes, allowing you to import your own videos, images, and text, featuring 3D objects and eye-catching animated effects. A fully featured configuration menu allows you to control all aspects of the 20 effects and the import and setup of your own videos and images. Have your videos and images rotate as cubes or objects, watch them fall through deep tunnels, or have them morph or form a puzzle. 3D Custom Screensaver is also useful as a high-powered 3D benchmarking utility for your system and/or card. If your needs are simpler, then just incorporate your images to a 3D clock and view it from all angles. In order to enhance the 3D Custom Screensaver experience, a full MP3, WAV, and MIDI player is included. This version includes bug fixes and minor enhancements.

Matrix Code Screensaver

This screensaver emulates the green code you see on Dozer's screen in the movie The Matrix. Watch the green glyphs fall down your screen in a randomized pattern, creating your very own Matrix. This program now runs under NT4 with Sp3 or later, and has more customization options. The last version featured added support for Windws 2000 power management, new bug fixes, and support for three new resolutions (up to 1600 x 1200 in 16-bit color mode). The last release featured an option for turning logging off/on, as well as support for all color depths (15, 16, 24, and 32 bit