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 Welcome to Jonny Lang's
Blues & Candies

 New album to be released in September, 2006 :-)

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Come into my candy store, babe
I got everything...
Pics & Toffees

"I'll play the blues for you, yes I will !"

"I say go, go Jonny !
Jonny be good tonight, yeah !"
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"Sugarman's Nice & Warm Place"
Articles & Reviews

"Now when the night comes, babe,
you know I'll be found
I'll be playing the blues
on every stage in town"
Tour schedule

"And if you want some of my kissin'
Call on me, you better believe you can"

"Langy friends get together @
Jonny Lang's Blues & Candies"
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"Writing down your deepest emotions
with your pen in hand"...
Here is the right place to speak out your mind ! Feel free to express your deepest thoughts about everything: Jonny, the blues, music in general, love, poetry, science (huh? he he), school, college, arts, outdoors, life...
Anything on everything :-)
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"And I'll wander this world, wander this world
Said I'll wander this world, wander this world all alone"...
Actually, not all alone at all !
Statistic services tell me that you fans
come from all over the world !
Love to see that :-)

C'mon fans, I know you're eager to tell me how sweet my site is...or maybe that it sucks, he he.
So please, don't leave before signing my guestbook, okay?
I assure you that this one is really special...
My Cute Guestbook

"Some good old friends got together" @

"No more lonely nights, will you be alone
All you got to do is call me on the telephone
And dial"...
 That's my mail, baby !

"I'm so happy to see you all,
and that old nasty chill is gone"...
Thank you everybody for visiting my candied blues shop !
You guys rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"I got more candy for you, babe
than any site you'll ever see"...
I am always improving my candy store.
So be sure to check it back :-)

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