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[ ? ] Stuff from Greg's neighborhood.
Pretty uninteresting stuff. Why are you here?

? Tuesday, January 6th

Abilene's on South Street in Phila

I caught the show last night. Reaching Jane, Melody's boyfriend's band, played a short set. I had never seen them before. They're great!

I also saw Spin the Bottle, who were okay - they didn't have a bass player, their keyboard player did it with his left hand. The last band I saw feathred some of the most energetic bass playing that I had ever seen. Those guys rocked, but I forget their name.

Here are some links to some pictures that Melody wanted:

? Tuesday, Roctober 3rd

I'll write this paragraph when I get aouund to it.

Marty wears a wig! And here we all believed for years that astro-turf was his natural hair color. Boy do we feel fooled! Now we know why his head always looks like a well-tended lawn.