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Update time again!

Jeff's got his gear. He bought the Tusa special package at Leisure Pro. He's got just about everything that he needs. Hey, make sure that you guys don't go over size or weight when packing your stuff.

Baggage size/weight link

I understand that the airlines are being a bit less friendly about that sort of stuff. I've been reading as much as I can about Curacao on the 'net. Here are some links to some neat stuff....

Link to some Lions Dive reviews

Another Link

A neat wreck dive

Link to a Dive review of the same place

Short review of the hotel

Something completely different...

Okay, the trip's just about a week away. I'm more than ready. Hey, what are our plans for the morning of the trip? I assume that Mark's coming down the night before. John doesn't really need to. How about Jeff? I think we're leaving for the airport about 0445 - that means that Jeff would have to leave his place around 0400. Okay with that? We've got space for you if you want to spend the night here. Let me know.

Excellent diver test

I've added a rental car page. You can get there from the links at the bottom of this page. Jeff has a wet suit. He's looking at getting together some more gear. Except for looking into cars, I haven't done too much trip preparation lately. I have been working on my gear. I sold my old AIR-2 BCD inflator and bought a new Sherwood Octo - the kind that replaces your BCD hose. Here's what it looks like.

I'm really happy with the serrvice I got from Leisure Pro. I paid $89.00 for the unit and I received it the day after I ordered it. (they're in NY). Of course, I haven't dived with it yet, but if it performs like it looks, it shouldn't be a problem.

Okay, here's the long-promised site update. I've quit using Microsoft's Front Page program. HTML from scratch is a bit more difficult, so bear with me... What's happened lately...

Jeff is a certified diver!! Woo hoo! I cannot imagine crummier conditions for anyone to get qualification dives in than that nasty-assed weekend. The rain and the air temperatures probably made the quarry water seem warm! Ick! Anyway, way to go Jeff!!

John went diving in Aruba a few weeks ago. Saw a really huge wreck, too. I'll let him tell you guys about it....

I'll be seeing Mark on Thanksgiving, where we'll probably quaff more than a few brews and discuss dive strategy. Looking forward to that....

I've replaced my leaky old BC. I got a new one from Seadog Sports (that's a link so you all can ooh and ahh at it). I spent $189 delivered, and I like it so far - of course I haven't been in the water with it yet....

You know, this trip has turned out to be a bit expensive, and I apologize for that. The airfare isn't cheap - we could have saved a bit by purchasing our tickets later, sorry. Lion's Dive is also quite a bit more expensive than Hotel Aguilar - especially since we have to get two rooms.. Of course, we DO get breakfast..... Anyway, next year maybe we'll cheap out and go to Coz. The cost breakdown:
car rental
total (yipe!)

Of course, we'll still need $ for food and entertainment. Tanks/air fills are free for shore diving for the week. We'd best plan on having an excellent time to make up for the expense.

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