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Powered by City Search. This is a great resource for information on all the events in town, including music, comedy, and theater.

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The Spirit

Saints and Angels

A list of Catholic Saints and Angels with a brief description


Beliefnet's guide to religion. Gives information on various religions, including news articles, quizzes, and discussions. A wonderful site !

Free Tarot Card Readings

A free computer generated Tarot card reading is provided by Options to buy decks are available


A nice explaination of auras and the general meanings behind the color readings

Veggie People


Naked models and extremists is how this organization is known. But, Peta successfully won a few fights against the cruelity of animals. Check out some of their tv ads--most have not been supported by major networks.

Vegetarian Resource Group

This is a great site for vegetarian and vegan recipes, traveling and fast food information, and health concerns

Veggies Unite !
A very popular site for veggies

Shopping on the Web

Product Differentiation in the E-World

Send your own angel card to a friend--just click on the picture

Click to send an Angel Card of the Day from AngelWinks