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IQ Test

This is Emode's Ultimate IQ Test. It is the most thorough and insightful IQ Test you can take online. You get a 15 page report at the end ! Free membership is required

The Mensa Workout

This is a 30 minute test by the High IQ Society. It is for entertainment purposes only.

Self Discovery Workshop

This site gives you three free Consciousness Exercises that will immediately improve your awareness and intelligence--and the option to buy more !

Emotional Intelligence short quiz

Some people say that Emotional Intelligence is a better indicator of success than IQ. How do you measure up ? This test was developed by Daniel Goleman, a Harvard psychology PhD and the author of the best-selling book, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ for Character, Health and Lifelong Achievement.


The Big Five

This is a psychology test used to determine personality.

Sample Career Analysis

This test assesses personality and provides feedback of natural motivations, interests, and talents for work. You can search a variety and jobs and see how well your personality fits. It provides limited feedback only. The full report can be purchased.