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The story of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature dates back to

when you were a kid. Your parents were too busy to take you on a

vacation, so they always brought you to your Grandfather's

farm for summer. But he was too busy and had not enough time to play

with you. You were lonely. Then one time, you met a little girl on the

mountain. You and her sang "nananananana" together on Mother's Hill.

Soon, you had to leave, but you promised that girl that you

would return someday... So here you are, 10 years later. Since

your Grandpa died, you've inherited his neglected farm.

You have to try to change the farm back to how it

was when your Grandfather ran it, and at the same time you

look for the girl to whom you promised to come back to...



P.S. The little girl is actually Aja, the daughter of Manna and the Duke who left

the village a long time ago. But I dunno why it turns out to be your wife.


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