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Here are some secrets from HM: SNES

Quicker endings

When you go to sleep and the screen turns black, hold the R, L, Start and Select buttons down together and the next morning you can see what ending you get.


Instant Cow

When your cow is grown up, you can use the cow miracle potion on it. Use it, then immediately use the animal medicine on it. A calf will be born in 2-3 days.


Disappearing Dog

Throw your dog on top of a chick and it disappears.



Sell a Cow in the spring and somebody might exchange the cow for the Magic Bean. Plant it at the summit in the spring at the left rock. Leave the summit, then go back and climb the beanstalk. Talk to the chicken and say yes. He'll then remove himself to reveal a Golden Egg, exit the door and watch the scene to get 10,000G.

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