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Honey Bees - When Karen gives you some Moon-Drop Seeds, plant them and when they bloom, a bee will come to your garden and stay in the apple tree. You can take honey from there every day, even in winter. Give Louis a bottle of honey and it will be worth more, 60G.

Win the Cooking Festival - Try to win enough medals in the horse festival to exchange for a truffle. Cook it with rice balls and you will get a Truffle Rice. Enter it for the Cooking Festival and you will win.

Invisible Orangecup - Plant the Orangecup seeds in the Farm. They may seem to have disappeared, but just water them. After a few days, you cannot walk through that area, and when you press X in front of the empty space, you get an Orangecup fruit in your hand.

Save Money on Animals - Have two games which you earn plenty of money in one and buy plenty of animals there. transfer the animals from that game to your new game, and you can get animals for free. If you are really desperate for money, just go to the old game and transfer the animals over, and DON'T SAVE AFTER TRANSFERRING! (Obviously save the exchange). Then the animals you transferred will be in both the games, and you can keep getting them.

Two Horses - For those who have lost their horse in the second year, just plant 20-40 plots of grass and Barley will comment you on the farm. Then he will give you another horse.

Puppy Tip - During The Spring Of The Second Year, Go To The Mine. Find Two Blue Crystals And Put Them In Your Rucksuck. Go Home And Put Them In The Delivery Bin. Immediately Pick Up Your Dog And Place Him In The Middle Of A Potato Patch (while They Are Still Seeds.) Quick Run In The House And Go To Bed Before The Dog Moves From This Spot. Get Up The Next Day, And Go Outside. If Done Correctly, It Will Be Raining Outside, And There Will Be Puppy Twinz In Your Stable. These Twinz Can Be Given To Any Of The Lovely Ladies Found Within The Game, To Have Their Heart Color Raised Two Levels.





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