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If you put your chickens on the roof using the staircase, they will get fed without you having to do anything. They will still lay eggs also.

Easy Medals

To get easy medals in a horse race save the game the day before and bet all your money on one horse then find out the winner of the race and restart the game. Re-bet on the winner.

Train the Dog

Okay, so you want to win the dog races but don't have the time? Just build a fence, or use one you already have, and call your dog. When he comes, make sure that you are on the opposite side of the fence as him. He will keep running towards you while you are doing work. This also works with crops.  

Get rid of the Dog

If you want to get rid of that no good mutt just bring it in the bathroom and place it on the ground. Then let it walk around and eventually it will walk into the black where you can't and will fall down some sort of hole. You can call for it but it won't come, you will just hear it's barking.  

Get the Marble

To get the marble you have to buy some flower seeds and plant a moon drop flower and a pink cat flower then when they are done a boy comes to the farm (Stu) and tells you to plant more so then plant four more moon drop and four more pink cat flowers then when there done the boy comes back and ask you to trade with you and say yes then you get a marble (you can find pink cats at the Flower Festival and buy at least five of it).  

Invisible Maria

If you are ever divorced from your wife, all of the girls in the game will disappear while you're divorced. If this happens, go to the library and talk to the empty desk. Maria will answer like shes still standing behind it.

Free Medals

When you are betting medals in the dog races, talk to the mayors wife and place the bets where you think the horse will win. DO NOT PRESS OK! When your cursor is highlighting the horse names, press B and exit out of the screen. It gives your money back, but it keeps the medals that you bet on the horses! Just don't talk to anyone again until after the races and if the horse you bet on wins, then you'll get the medals just as if you had paid.  

Karen to Pink Heart

You can make Karen red heart in a few minutes! All you do is take your dog and go visit her. Keep showing your dog to her over and over again, and she will turn to a red heart in about 5 minutes!

  In-Destructible Fence

Use the rocks from when your first start as a fence! It is an indestructible fence that will never break! Just put wood in a few places instead of rocks so you can jump over and into the garden.

Free Water, Wine and Milk

Buy a bottle and press B at any water source. The bottle will fill with water. Same for milk, which you get from the cow and still have milk for sale, and go to the vineyard and press B at the 2nd keg, the place Kai stands when it rains.


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