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Power Berries

Power Berries increase stamina, happiness, and the percentage of your farm. There are twelve of them. The ways to get them are listed below:

  1. Throw 5 crops from your farm into the Goddess Waterfall near the mine.

2. Try cutting the tree on Mother's Hill down. When it asks you a question choose not to cut it down.

3. Win the Opening Day Festival in the summer.

4. After buying all the kitchen utensils off TV, the program will offer a power berry for 5,000G

5. Get 1001 medals in the horse race and you could trade them for a power berry.

6. Mine the mine behind the waterfall. Be patient and you'll get a berry.

7. Go behind the winter mine towards the left side and press 'X' while walking around, until you find a power berry.

8. Mine in the Winter Mine. Be patient, you'll eventually get a power berry.

9. Fish in the ocean, you'll eventually get one.

10. Plant 90-100 flowers on your farm. When they bloom, tell Anna she can have as many as she wants. In return, she'll give you a power berry.

11. Fish in the Underground Lake. Be patient and you will eventually get one.

12. The Kappa Power Berry: The Kappa does not come out for nothing, so you must throw 3 cucumbers into the lake in any season besides Winter. But you have to get the exact location right, which is as far left as you can go touching the 2 trees at the side of the lake as well as the water. It may take a few tries to get the location right.



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