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Power Berries

1-2. Two of the Power Berries can be found at your Ranch. Just dig in the ground and you will eventually find them!

3. There is one that you can find by cutting wood in the Forest. Chop the wood at the mountains at night. The fast way to find this is when you are giving Eve flowers at night, before you get the flowers, chop at least the 3 tree stumps near the flower next to the fisherman's tent.

4. Sella chicken in any season (maybe not in Winter) and the peddler will trade it for a Power Berry.

5. First go into the woods and talk to the guy by the tent, so you can go fishing. Once you catch a fish, pick it up, and throw it right back into the lake! A little elf-midget will pop up and thank you with a Power Berry. This can be done in any season except Winter.

6. During the Egg festival in Fall, if you win the contest by collecting the most eggs, you can win either a Power Berry, or a special charm. If you win the charm in your first year, you will win the Power berry in the second year for sure.

7. During the Flower Festival of either the first year, you can purchase a special seed from the old wandering peddler for $2,000. Once you have it, you'll have to wait till winter, then plant it on the mountain top. A little fairy will come out of the flower that grew from the seed, and give you a Power Berry! You have to get it in the first year, cos he will not have it the next year.

8. That chicken statue at the crossroads can be smashed with the hammer. A power berry will come out of the rubble.

9. In Winter, go and chop tree stumps next to the Goddess Pond, and you will fall into a hole. Get the power berry there.

10. Bring a fish or a Full-Moon Plant to the Harvest Festival. There is some other food too, but I forgot.

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