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All Girls Red Hearts FAST

This is a good way to make all the girls red heart before the Winter Thanksgiving Festival. All the girls except Karen can be made red hearts before end of Summer. The fastest was Popuri, by the 3rd of Summer 1st yr. Elli and Mary was fast too, on the 7th and 9th Summer 1st yr. Ann was last, on the 22nd Summer 1st yr. Karen by end of Fall 1st yr, in the same game.

Very fast guide


SPRING - Transfer 5 chickens from your other game and give her at least 3 spa-boiled eggs a day. Then give her the 2 toy-flowers everyday. By end of Summer, should get at least orange heart. Have the largest Rucksack as soon as possible. Give her the weeds beside the hotsprings if you like. After Spring, transfer one chicken back so you have 4 chickens only.

SUMMER - On the first day, collect 8 Pink Cat flowers from the mountains after the Swimming Festival. When you go out of your house the next morning, Popuri will be outside and she will give you an egg. Incubate it and when it hatches name it Popuri. (NOTE: Barley might come and tell you May is missing, but ignore, cos May can only be found at 6PM in the beach. If he comes before Popuri, just go in and out of your house) Give Popuri all the Pink Cats and the 2 near Gotz's house. Collect another 9 Pink Cats at night, and give it to her on the next day, her birthday. Give her all the weeds beside the hotsprings, and all the spa boiled eggs you have. Immediately go up to the mountains and collect 9 Pink Cats for her, and give it to her. If still not red heart, go again, and hurry cos her house closes at 7PM. If still can't give weeds from garden. If still can't, give her Pink Cats the next day until red heart. Should not be too many.



SPRING - It is kinda hard if you want to court all 5 girls at the same time like I always do, but if you only want Elli red heart, should be by end of Spring. Give her many flowers everyday, upgrade to biggest rucksack before 14th Spring. On the 15th Spring, collect 9 flowers from mountains at night, after giving her about 6 that day. Give her all on the next day, her birthday. Buy about 3 grape juices from Manna and give her. Then go up to the mountains and give her the rest and the 2 near Gotz's house. If there is till time, go to the mountains and get the blue grass for her. Give her 9 or more flowers after her birthday every day. She is the easiest.



SPRING - If you only want to chase only her, on the first day, go up to the side of mother's hill and give her all the flowers you can give her. Then take all the stuff you can find on the mountain near the hotspring and Gotz's house and give it to her, and don't forget the flowers next to Gotz's house. Do that every sunny Monday. On the other days, just give her all the gathering on the mountain plus the 2 flowers near Gotz's house everyday. If you are fast, go up to the mountain and give her 9 flowers. Upgrade to biggest rucksack as soon as possible. If you upgrade early, she might get red heart by early Summer or end of Spring.

SUMMER - On the first day, after the festival, collect the 2 red grasses and another 7 flowers. Give it to her the next day. Give her all the gathering the too, and the flowers near Gotz's house. Just give her all the gathering everyday, and all the flowers near Gotz's house, and she will get red heart very soon. She is very easy to make her like you.



SPRING - Transfer 5 chickens from other game, like in Popuri, and give her at least 4-5 spa-boiled eggs, if you only want to chase her, not Popuri too. Give her all the bamboo shoots and the flowers near Gotz's house everyday. You lose a lot of money, but it's worth it. Just continue everyday.

SUMMER - If she likes you, she will invite you to her birthday. If you don't have her red heart by then, make sure to give her 9 gifts during her birthday party. Anything she doesn't hate is fine, but bread is best. Give her 5 spa-boiled eggs and the bamboos and 2 flowers separately in the morning near the hotsprings. You might want to give her less eggs 1 day before her birthday and give her more during her party.



SPRING - I can't be bothered about her, so I'm very slack. Talk to her and give her the 2 flowers near Gotz's house everyday, and maybe more from the mountains. After the Goddess Festival, give her 1-3 wines and she will have purple heart, or maybe during the Festival. Karen has expensive taste and v. hard to please.

SUMMER - Doesn't matter, just give her wines and flowers as much as you can afford.

FALL - Give her wines and truffle from the mountain, until 8 days before her birthday, her birthday is on the 15th. Then store the truffles and give her all in one shot during her birthday. Give her wines on her birthday, and if you have a kitchen, cook many sashimis and popcorns and fries and give it to her, and if you are really desperate, give her 9 sweet potatoes or more. If you really want her and don't give a damn about the Duke, just skip today's work in the vineyard. You should have her red heart in end of Fall if you give her truffles everyday and wines when you can afford it. Don't forget the flowers and sweet potatoes. Maybe she will have red heart before this, I don't know, cos I know I'm very lazy and don't give a damn about Karen.


All these guides are if you want to chase only 1 girl at a time. If you want to chase all at the same time, just rely mainly on the guide for your favourite girl and insert some of the others as much as you can.


Moderate Guide

Don't ask me, you can figure it out yourself. Just do things in your own pace. But give the girls stuff sometimes, preferably on their birthdays


Slow Guide

Do as my father did, don't give stuff at all, maybe one or two to your favourite girl each month. Just talk in festivals and join your favourite girls in festivals and escort whenever possible. If you do it this way, the rivals will most likely beat you to the girl. If you do this, I advise you to chase Ann, and let Cliff leave the village (so evil). You have no competition and can take your time. In the 3rd year, give MANY MANY MANY MANY gifts cos you would have alot of money as you only make money not chase girls (like my father, totally different from my style.) Get married when she has red heart. This guide totally sucks unless you are money-minded.


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