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These are the 5 girls in HM:64. I haven't played the game yet because it is too slow, but I played till the sowing festival. I'm sorry, but I don't know the girls well enough to give a detailed profile of them.


She looks so gross in this picture... I wonder why? She lives in the Flower Shop with her mother Lillia.

Boyfriend: Gray (very compatible)

Rating: 100/100 (always this for all pink hair girls except nina)


She runs the library. She looks gross. Her mother Anna looks better. Her father is the mayor that looks like a chicken. She loves bugs and cabbage.

Boyfriend: Harris the mailman (just as gross as her)

Rating: (erm....about)5/100(sorry Maria fans)


She's always Ann in every game except STH... She lives in the Green Ranch with her brother Gray and her father Doug. Her cousin is Rick, in the tool shop. She loves animals and likes getting wool.

Boyfriend: Cliff (it is always Cliff. So boring)

Rating: 98/100


Elli is the girl at the bakery, and she lives with her grandmother, Ellen. It is said that if you don't make friends with Ellen, she will pass away in the winter. Elli likes eggs and milk, and likes you to buy stuff from her shop.

Boyfriend: Jeff (he is 15 yrs older than the rest of the guys)

Rating: 95/100


Karen is nicer here than in BTN, cos she has more personality here. In BTN, it's like she is arrogant and tries to be sweet...(?) Horrible combination. At least she is just plain rude in this game. She is the daughter of Gotz, the vineyard owner.

Rating: 80/100


How to make a girl like you

- Talk to her whenever you have the chance, preferably festivals

- Give her her favourite things only once a day (you can only give stuff once a day)

- To find out how much she likes you, check the heart in her text box

- Dance with her at all the possible festivals

- Know where she is during Starry Night



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