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SPRING - New Year Festival: You go to the top of the mountain and watch the first sunrise of the year with some villagers. You can have your fortune told too.

The Flower Festival: It's on the 23rd Spring. Go to the Square and buy perfume for the girls. You can dance with any of them too.

SUMMER - Nothing

FALL - Harvest Festival: It is on the 12th Fall. Bring a food or plant to the festival. You can dance with whoever you want to.

Egg Festival: It is on the 20th of Fall. You collect eggs and win prizes. If you don't win the livestock dealer usually wins.

WINTER - Thanksgiving Festival: It 's on the 10th of Winter. Go to town and the girls who like you will give you cake. You can do this even if you are married. You can't work for the whole day.

The Star Night Festival: It is on the 24th of Winter. Go and accompany your favourite girl for the whole night. They are in different places, so you have to look at the Girls page to see where they are.


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