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There are many festivals that you can go to. In these festivals, you can either win something or make better friends with the villagers that are present. Be sure to talk to all the villagers who are there.


  1. New Year's Day: It is on the first day of a new year. But you cannot participate when you just arrived at the farm, cos it starts on the 2nd. You dance with whichever girl you want there or drink wine with the older and married folk at the Inn where you may get drunk and have to be carried home. 1st Spring

  2. Spring Goddess Festival: The Spring Goddess festival is the festival which you can escort a girl to attend it. It really improves your relationship with her. Remember, you can only ask one girl. She will meet you at your farm in the morning of the day of the festival. She will only accept your invitation if she likes you enough. In the first year, you might not be able to get any girl to go with you. I am still trying to get all of them to agree to go to the festival with me. So far, my record is only 2 girls willing to go with me in the first day. 8th Spring(you have to escort the girls one day in advance)

  3. Spring Thanksgiving Festival: This festival is to show your appreciation to the girls who gave you things on the Winter Thanksgiving Festival. You have to give her cookies, but you can't get that unless you have a kitchen. 14 Spring

  4. Horse Racing Festival: This festival is where you race your horse. It is just for fun and does not really matter. You can only enter when you have a fully grown horse. When you win, Kano will come and take a picture of you and it will be on your bookcase. You can bet on the races. 18 Spring

  5. Cooking Festival: You bring your homemade dishes to this festival and a gourmet judges whether it is good or not. But you get no prize. If you will, all the girls will like you more except for Ann, cos she is also competing. 22 Spring


  1. Opening Day: This is a swimming competition. If you win, you get a power berry. If you win a second time, you get 500 lumber. 1 Summer

  2. Chicken Festival: Bring your chickens to the festival in the square. There your chicken will have to wrestle other chickens off the ring. If it wins, your hen will lay golden eggs, which can be sold for more money. 7 Summer

  3. Tomato Festival: This is one of my favourite festivals: You join up with either Elli, Popuri, Manna or Ann for a tomato throwing festival. If you get hit, you are out. It does not help with the game, but it is really fun am a break from work. 12 Summer

  4. Cow Festival: Only full-grown cows can enter. Barley will take your cow away from the farm a day in advance. On that day, go to Yodel Ranch and you will see the Cow Festival commencing. Talk to the mayor to get the judging started. If your cow has 10 hearts, it will surely win. After winning, the cow gives golden milk. 20 Summer

  5. Fireworks Display: Watch fireworks with the girl of your dreams here, if neither you nor she is married and she likes you enough. In the 2nd year, you can ask Kai to watch it with you also, but you watch it on Mothers Hill, not with the rest. 24 Summer


  1. Music Festival: Pastor will come on the 2 Fall to ask you to play the ocarina in the festival. This festival has nothing but singing. 3 Fall

  2. Harvest Festival: You bring one ingredient to the sqaure and throw it into the big pot in the middle. Everyone wil eat a bowl of HotPot. After that, talk to the villagers to see what they thinkk about the ingredient you added. Try not to add something sweet cos it will make the meal taste horrible. 9 Fall

  3. Moon-viewing Day: Go to the Summit of Mothers Hill after 6PM and the girl who likes you the most will be there waiting for you. She will give you something to eat and you watch the moon together. 13 Fall

  4. Sheep Festival: This is mainly the same as the cow festival, just it is sheep not cows.


  1. Dog Race: Race your dog with those of people from other villages. If you win, it shows that your dog is well trained. 10 Winter

  2. Winter Thanksgiving: Girls who like you enough will come to your farm at different times of the day to give you a present. If she likes you yellow heart and above, she'll give you a chocolate cake. If not, you will get chocolate. But this is more useful. 14 Winter

  3. Star Night Festival: Talk to all the girls on that day, and if they like you enough, they will invite you to their house that night for Star Night Festival. All five of them can invite you at the same time, so you don't have to worry if you can't go to all of them. 24 Winter

  4. New Years Party: This festival begins at 12 midnight of the last day of the year. If it is snowing and you have not seen the flower of happiness, you will see it. You will miss the whole festival. Also, you can only tell Ellen and Basil about this flower one day after you see this mystical flower. Be sure to see the flower of happiness an any snowing night. 30 Winter


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