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This is the section for fan fiction, email me the fanfic if you have any. Click HERE to email me.


Fanfic1: Jack's Farm

Captain Underpants watched Jack running the farm and said: "I can run a farm much more successfully than you can, small boy. And I do not have hair in front of my face." Jack got pissed, so he glared at Captain Underpants and said: "If you can run the farm so well, why don't you run it?" Captain Underpants did, and he got 100% of the farm completed in about 5 minutes. Jack was so shocked that he fainted and ended up in the hospital, and got married to Elli. Captain Underpants too over Jack's farm and invited George and Harold over to stay, and said: "Tra-la-laaaaaa!!!"

- contributed by J...


Fanfic2: (It is extremely LONG!!!) Saibara

One night, Karen got so drunk in the Inn after drinking too much that she fainted right there and then, into Kai's arms. When Rick noticed, which was less than 3 seconds later, he let out a yell of disgust: "Let go of my girlfriend!!!" Kai hated Rick, so he refused.

Then Rick snapped his fingers and said: "Oh superman come to my rescue!!! Kai is bullying me!!!" And he snapped his fingers once more. (*Note: Superman doesn't know who he is, and will only remember when people snap their fingers and will forget after water is poured onto his head) Silence reigned in the Inn. All of a sudden, Saibara let out an interesting sound, and rushed up to Gray's room, and tore down the pink curtain there and tied it around hid neck, so it became a dusty cape. "I am SUPERMAN!!!" He sang. Gray pulled his hat over his face to hide his shame, and muttered: "Hmmmmmffmffmm..."(?) Saibara yelled again: " I will solve your problem!!!"

Just at that moment, Jack walked in with his girlfriend Popuri. All eyes turned to them instead of Rick. Then they all bowed down in respect for the great Jack (actually this is just my wishful thinking, what really happened was everyone ignored them. Too nosy, see...)

Just then, Kai noticed that Popuri was here. He immediately dropped Karen (Unfortunately onto the floor) and ran towards Popuri. Popuri hid behind Jack and said, I like Jack now, not you. Kai was obviously pissed off, so he asked superman for help, while everyone watched the new scene that was unfolding. Meanwhile, Rick stood in a corner, forgotten.

SuperSaibara stepped forward, just as Gray was about to pour a bucketful of water onto his head, causing Gray to miss and soak himself totally, and also the shoes of the other people like Ann, Duke and Basil. (Doug wouldn't leave his counter even if money fell from the sky.)

Saibara said: "I have a solution! Since you two can't settle this between yourself, why don't you let Popuri marry Gray?" (Gray looked up with shock) Popuri said: "Okay, no prob!!!" Gray said again: "Hmmmfmffffmm..."

Then, finally, Jack spoke up (for the first time in his life) and said: "Since I have lost my girlfriend, I shall be a matchmaker." (?) Everyone approved.

He set about matchmaking all of them.

Gray - Popuri (very compatible)

Tim - Elli (obviously)

Kai - Karen (name all starts with same 2 letters)

Cliff - Ann (always been this way for YEARS!!!)

And lastly, Rick can have Mary, cos they are both so gross.

Rick protested, but everyone else agreed. Jack was a successful matchmaker for the rest of his life and people from all the neighbouring villagers approached him for matchmaking.

As for Saibara, Gray finally managed to pour a glass of water on him just before he got married, and Saibara became, once again, the grumpy old Blacksmith.