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These are the endings you get when your father comes and checks on you. You can have more than one ending at a time. I'm sorry if the screenshots are not the same size. Click on them to see a bigger picture. I made most of them myself.


What Happens




You run away from the Ranch with your dog barking at you

* Less than 1000G

* Less than 100 happiness

I'm sorry I don't have this one

Daily chores

You brush and milk your cow, as your other animals watch

* 1-7 cows

* 1-7 chickens

Chicken Coop

You ship the eggs and drop one. The chickens come crowding around you and you hug one of them.

* 1-12 chickens

Cow herder

You are in the field with your cows and you ring the bell

* 7-12 cows

this was taken from Harvest Moon Silo

Mole Potato

Your dog barks at a potato and chases a mole

* Shipped 200 or more potatoes

I'm sorry I don't have this one

Turnip Harvester

The Harvest Sprites come up to your Ranch and give you a turnip

* Shipped 200 or more turnips

I'm sorry I don't have this one

Tomato Man

You harvest a few tomatoes, throw it into the horse, and then water some tomatoes.

* Shipped 200 or more tomatoes


You water your corn, and your dog helps

* Shipped 200 or more corn

this was taken from Harvest Moon Silo

Prize cow

You milk your best cow and get a large milk.

* Must have at least 1 cow

* Love rate must be over 195

this was taken from Harvest Moon Silo


You see your dog and horse in a grass field. You whistle to your dog and hug it when it comes

* Not married

*Have over 200 happiness


You chop tree stumps and get a power berry

* Happiness over 800

I'm sorry I don't have this one

Ladies Man

You walk around the town, and the girls give you things.

* Happiness over 200

* Not married

* Girls must like you 5 hearts and above


You go to the tool shop and deliver Ann's new invention. Nina goes over and blows kisses to you. You see Ann's father and Nina's mum get married

* Marry Ann


Ellen rides up to you on your horse, and you go on a picnic and see P-Chan.

* Marry Ellen


You and Eve go on a picnic with her grandfather and the Carpenter

* Marry Eve


You and Maria go to the Mayor's house, and see Maria's parents talking to your parents

* Marry Maria


Nina and her mother plant a heart-shaped garden and you go for a picnic with Nina. While Nina goes and collects berries, the Goddess steals your cake

* Marry Nina

One child

You and your wife watch it play on the floor. Your wife kisses you

* Have one child

Two Children

Your wife and children come to the farm. The older one plays with the dog while the younger one hugs you.

* Have two children

Super Man

You see your parents, wife and children standing in front of your house. Your children run and your wife and mother catch them. You go and stand next to them.

* Have 2 children

* Have happiness more than 900

* 1 or more cows

* 1 or more chickens

* All 10 powerberries

* 10,000G or more money

* Hugged your dog 100 or more times

* No animal must get sick more than 2-3 times

Since this is the best ending, I must make the screenshot a bit larger.

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