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Jack is the default name of the person you play. In this game, he has a ponytail, and it looks stupid. You can name him whatever you want.

Age: 21

Harvest Goddess

The Harvest Goddess always hangs out with the Harvest Sprites. She lives in a waterfall. She is the prettiest, I wish we could court her instead of the 5 girls.


Hayato is very quiet and secretive, but though he is shy, he is good at complicated work. He is the younger brother of Shin and both are apprectices,


Shin looks a lot like Jack. He loves fishing, ever since his friend gave him a fishing rod. He is much friendlier that Hayato, and is very good at giving advice.


Tim is the younger brother of Kazan. Though he looks aggresive and fierce, he is calm. He wants to be a treasure hunter.


Kazan looks GROSS!!! But he is not as bad as he looks, though he can be irritating at times. He is great with animals


Rune is the scientist who owns the tool shop. He spends most of his time invention new things. He will give you important items sometimes.


Basil loves nature and is always outdoor collecting plants. He is romantic in nature an is a good companion in the great outdoors.


Masa is the grandmother of Gina (you can see from the hair) and she is the housekeeper of Dia. She is very protective of Dia and seems to care more for her than Gina. If you want to marry Dia, you must make friends with Masa.


Ronald is the owner of the supermarket and sells tools, seeds and feed. He is very jolly and tends to chickens, sings and eats in his spare time.


Wall is Katie's grandfather and he owns the Tavern. He is a good listener but is bad at his job.


Wood is Gwen's grandfather. He is a veteran and he respects nature. He is quite deaf.

Blue Sprite

It is Blue.

Red Sprite

It is Red

Yellow Sprite

This sprite is Yellow and Fat.




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