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The characters here do not have names, so they are called by their occupation.





Jack is actually your default name.

Your mother

She is forever crying and dabbing her eyes. You see her in the beginning and in the end.

Your father

He is forever angry with you and always looks disapproving. You only see him in the beginning and the end like your mother.


They extend your house and improve your hammer. There are 4 of them, and they look the same.

Eve's grandfather

All he does is walk around in the mountains.

The Florist

She is Nina's mom, and she dates Ann's father.


He reads sermons in the church, and does nothing much.

Little Church Boy

He has a crush on Maria and is forever walking outside the chruch. Later he starts hanging out with the Fortune-teller's grandchild.


He hosts most of the festivals. He is Maria's father.

Mayor's Wife

She is the Mayor's wife, and is mostly in the house reading. She is Maria's mother.


He comes on Sundays and buys items from you at higher prices. You buy the Blue Feather from him.


He lends you his fishing rod whenever you want to fish. He goes for vacation in Winter.

Ann's Dad

He is the owner of the tool shop, and he likes Nina's mother, but is too shy to say so.

Fortune Teller

She tells you about the girls. She also wrote a book about them. Read it, it is useful. She also tells your fortune. She looks like a pile of shit from far. She is also a midwife and deliver's your wife's children.

Fortune-teller's grandchild

She likes the little church boy. She is forever hanging around the fortune teller's house.

Shipping Guy

He ships your goods and gives you money for them.

Shipping Apprentice

He is the Shipping Guy's apprentice and informs you about festivals

Livestock Dealer

He sells livestock to you and buys it back from you. He is bad tempered and gets really angry if you let your animals die. He's Ellen's uncle.


He is Eve's uncle and he runs the bar that opens fron night to morning.


He is Ellen's father, and is always drunk. He is always yelled at by both Ellen and her mother for drinking too much..

Ellen's mother

She runs the grocery store and sells cake to you for 500G. She is Ellen's mom.

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