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May is the granddaughter of the owner of Yodel Ranch, Barley.

Birthday: 26th Winter

Likes: Small animals, flowers, rubbish you fish out from the sea(not including the fish bones), ice-cream

Dislikes: Fish bones, weeds, blue grass, spa-boiled eggs, any ores, wine



Barley is the grandfather of May. He owns the Yodel Ranch beside the Poultry Farm and sells cows and sheep. He gives you the horse in the beginning. Just go to his ranch.

Birthday:17th Spring

Likes: Spa-boiled eggs, rice balls, animals

Dislikes: Any ores, wine, weeds, rubbish



Lillia is the owner of the Poultry Farm, and is also the mother of Popuri and Rick. Her body is weak so the Poultry Farm is only open from 11.00am-4.00pm. Her husbacd has left the village to look for a special plant to cure her illness.

Birthday: 19th Spring

Likes: Flowers, medicine, Blue & Green grass, tomatoes

Dislikes: Eggs, weeds



Saibara is a mean and grumpy old man, but he gets better as you make friends with him. He is Gray's grandfather.

Birthday: 11th Spring

Likes: Metal ores, turnips, pickled turnips, bamboo shoots

Dislikes: Alot of things



Manna is the most talkative one in the village. But she talks so that she can get her mind off her daughter, Aja, who left the village. She is cute and lovable, my favourite character besides Popuri and May.

Birthday: 11th Fall

Likes: Fish, Pink Cat Flowers

Dislikes: Grape juice, rubbish weeds, bugs, any ores



Duke the husband of Manna and always drinks a lot. Ever since Aja left the village, he had been drinking himself to sleep every night. He is serious at first, but gets friendlier as you make friends with him.

Birthday: 15th Winter

Likes: Wine, eggs, spa-boiled eggs, grape juice, bread

Dislikes: Weeds, rubbish, any ores



He is the husband of Anna and the father of Mary. He loves plants and is always talking about them. I think he has influenced Mary, but Anna is still a typical housewife. He writes books about the plants in the village and puts them in Mary's Library

Birthday: 11th Summer

Likes: Spa-boiled eggs, wine, flowers, fruit latte, mushrooms

Dislikes: Weeds, rubbish, any ore



Anna is the mother of Mary. She spends her afternoon in the square gossiping with Sasha and Manna.

Birthday: 23 Fall

Likes: Flowers, sweets, cakes

Dislikes: Weeds, rubbish, any ores, many others



Ellen is the grandmother of Stu and Elli. She is old and has bad legs. She also has to take care of Stu single-handedly as Elli is always working.

Birthday: 13th Winter

Likes: Oil, eggs, turnips, wool

Dislikes: Blue grass, weeds, any ores, cookies and fries



Stu is the little brother of Elli. He plays with May in the church from 1.00pm-4.00pm except on Mondays and Wednesdays, when Elli comes home. He is very lonely.

Birthday: 5th Fall

Likes: Sandwiches, fries, ice-cream, grape juice, grapes

Dislikes: Weeds, flowers, any ores, oil, wine


Mayor Thomas

He is the mayor in the town, but does not really do anyhing but check on you and participate in some festivals. He is the father of Harris, the policeman of the village.

Birthday: 25 Summer

Likes: Wine, bamboo shoots, turnips

Dislikes: Ores, monkeys, weeds, rubbish



Kano is the village photographer and he lives in the Mayor's house. He really does nothing at all except take your picture when you win the horse festival.

Birthday: 4 Summer

Likes: Honey, mushrooms, wine



Jeff owns the supermarket. He is the father of Karen and is scared of his wife, Sasha. He has bad stomachaches very often.

Birthday: 29th WInter

Likes: Medicine, bamboo shoots

Dislikes: Many things including monkeys



Sasha is the wife of Jeff and is quite fierce to him.

Birthday: 30th Spring

Likes: Oil, Flour, fruits

Dislikes: Eggs, weeds, ores and many more.



Doug is the innkeeper and the father of Ann. Since Ann's mother died, he has been taking care of her, and ge does not approve of her tomboyish ways.

Birthday: 11th Winter

Likes: Green grass, bamboo shoots, fish, wine

Dislikes: Flowers, some animals, ores


Pastor Carter

Carter is the priest of the village. He listens to confessions on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 1pm-3pm. If you have littered, you have to confess to it orit will be dfficult for you to fish.

Birthday: 20th Fall

Likes: Bread, turnips, oil

Dislikes: Many things, but he is always polite in his refusal



Zack is the buyer that buys crops from your farm. He seems cold and hard but later you realise that he has a crush on Lillia.

Birthday: 29th Summer

Likes: Noodles, wines, pink cat flowers, the ore used for making girls present.

Dislikes: Plenty of things, he is as grumpy as Saibara



What can I say besides that he is a fisherman: He gives you the fishing rod and when you have 50 fish he gives you the fishing pole. He is at the beach on fri-sun from 7.00pm-10.00om. He is sometimes there in the morning too.

Birthday: 29th Spring

Likes: Fish

Dislikes: I don't know



Gotz is the lumberjack that lives is the woods. He extends your house and other property for you. He lost his family in a storm.

Birthday: 2nd Fall

Likes: Homegrown crops, wine, lumber, honey

Dislikes: Poisonous mushrooms, weeds, rubbish



Louis is the beeman that lives with Gotz. He comes to study bees.

Birthday: 2nd Spring

Likes: Honey, wine, spa-boiled eggs

Dislikes: Alot of things



Won is like a criminal, but he sells rare seeds for you. Be careful, sometimes he'll trick you.

Birthday: 19th Winter

Likes: Fish

Dislikes: Mainly the rest of the things


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