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Character Events

Events either increase or decrease your relationship with the villagers, but they are interesting to watch.


Suspicious Character

On the 2nd day, Harris will go to your farm and tell you that there is a suspicious looking character on the loose and to be careful. Later, you will see the yellow man walking into your farm. He stops there for a rest. Go to the square immediately and tell Harris (if he isn't there, go later.) Then go the area near Gotz's house and you will see how it ends.


May & Stu

When Barley and May like you enough, May will go to your farm one day and say she is bored. The Barley will come and tell her you are busy. Someone needs to take care of her. Go to Ellen's house, and she will ask you to take Stu too and go to the church where Pastor takes care of them.


May is MISSING!!!

When Barley and May like you enough in the Summer, Barley will come one morning and tell you that May is MISSING. He will ask you to look for her. Go near Gotz house and you will see the Mayor and Gotz talking. (Not important) Finish all the work in your farm and go to the beach at 6PM where you will find May.

Note: If the Mayor comes when you are working and asks whether you know that May is missing, say NO or he will be angry.


Kai's Arrival

After 10AM when you walk out of your farm at the side to the chicken farm, you will see May and Popuri talking to Kai, then Kai will come up and say hi to you.


Drunk Duke

One night when you go to the Inn, you will find the Duke lying on the floor, drunk. Saibara and Doug will be standing by. There will be a glass of water nearby. Take it, go to near the Duke's head and talk to him. You will throw the water at him and end up at Aja Winery. Manna and the Duke will thank you.


What About Kai?

One night in Summer when you go to the Inn, you will see Rick and Jeff quarrelling with Kai. They will ask you for your opinion, and you can choose to support them, defend Kai, or say you don't care.

Note: It is better to support Rick and Jeff, cos Doug will be standing nearby, and you will be offending 3 people instead of 1. Besides, Kai's birthday is on the 22nd Summer. Just give him many things and he will like you just the same.


Ingredients for the Cooking Festival

On Spring the 15, Mayor will drop by at your house and ask you to take 3 crops to him for the Cooking Festival. I think 1st yr is turnips, 2nd yr is corn, 3rd yr I have no idea, 4th year, sweet potatoes, then I don't know.



After you vist the beach a few times (and less than 3 girls are red heart) in the Ist year Summer, You will find a bottle. Kai will ask you if you want to stay in the village forever. Say yes and he will give you perfume, which he calls Love Potion. The perfume can only be given to the 5 girls.


Fireworks with Kai

In the 2nd year, talk to Kai and he will say he has nothing better to do. Invite him to watch the fireworks festival with you. You will meet him at the square at 6PM (if you don't want to watch with him even if u asked, go to the square at 5.50PM and wait for 6PM before going to the beach) Popuri will be with Kai in the square at 6PM, Popuri seems sad cos she think Kai is going with another girl. But when she sees you, she is happy. But Rick chases Kai away and you watch the fireworks with Kai on Mother's Hill.


Apple Pie

One day the Mayor will say he is busy and ask you to take an apple pie to Ellen. When you take it to Ellen, reject her tip. She will give it to you anyway, and it you reject, Elli will come with another apple pie and give it to you.


Doug's Wife

On the 5th Fall 1st year, go to the top of Mother's Hill at any time and you will see Doug there thinking about his dead wife.


Kai's Corn

Kai will come to your farm one day and ask you to sell him a corn. Sell it for 50G and he will like you more. Sell it for 100G and nothing happens, sell it for 200G and Kai won; t buy it and you get a lower relationship.


The Duke Needs Help

On Fall the 14th, the Duke will come and ask you to work in his Winery. He also asks for part-time workers. You can ask Cliff, or he will leave forever. If you really want to marry Ann but you have trouble getting her to red heart, make Cliff go away, so he can't marry Ann.


Stu Gets Jealous

After you completed both May events, May will like you a lot. Come to the church one day at exactly 2PM and talk to May. She will ask you to marry her. If you say yes, Stu will be jealous and May will write a letter to thank you.


Gray Needs Your Watermill

When Gray likes you enough in Fall, he will come and ask to borrow the watermill, and just uses it without permission. He will weed your garden for you. If you extend your house before Fall, he won't come. He will fail and go home with Mary. See them in the Square and Gray will apologise to you for troubling you.




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