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In my opinion, they should have kept their girlfriends from HM:64


I know this picture is really horrible, but it's the only one I have. You play him in the game.


Kai is the flashy ladies man who "comes during the summer, upsets everyone, and then leaves", according to Rick.

Rating: 98/100

Tim the Doctor

The strange thing about him is that he has no name. Everyone, even his wife calls him Doctor. Actually his name is Tim. Stu named his dog after the doctor. He is expressionless most of the time unless you disturb him.

Rating: 1/100


Gray is the most decent looking one in the whole 5 guys. But he always wears that stupid hat......

Rating: 100/100


Cliff does not have his bird Cain in BTN, and he does not look so fierce. Why are his eyes purple?

Rating: 80/100


Rick is the grossest guy in the 5 of them. He is so geeky looking and grumbles a lot. Check out his pants! Gross, right?

Rating: 90/100

I'm not sure where to put him.


Okay, I do not know where to put him. Some people say Aja will come back, and you can date her (when the rest are married), and Harris is your rival. But other people say no. Who should I believe?

Rating: 85/100


Their Events


1.One day, you will see Kai and Popuri talking on the beach about Summer

2. On the 2nd or 3rd year, you will see Popuri and Kai on the beach again. This time, Kai says something wrong and Popuri admits she likes him.

3. The day after event 2, go to the beach again and you will see Kai apologising to Popuri. They make up with each other. When Kai leaves, he will want to take Popuri away with him. Choose whether to tell Rick or not. But if you tell, Popuri will have no husband.



1. Elli is sick, he gives her a day off.

2. He talks to Elli about babies.

3. When they like each other enough, the Doctor will say something about going away. Elli stops him, and a few days later, the Doctor invites you to his wedding.



1. Gray and Mary meet in the square and say a lot of boring things.

2. At night, Mary sends Gray off outside the library. He promises to come again.

3. Mary wrote a book about him, and when he goes to the library, she lends it to him. But he doesn't realise the main character of the book is him.

4. One day in Saibara's shop, Gray burnt his fingers. Mary is very anxious. Saibara calls Gray a baby, and applies ointment on his fingers.

5. In the Spring of the 3rd year, Gray proposes to Mary, but she does not answer. A few days later, they get married. (If you don't want them to get married, avoid the library.)



1. Cliff is sitting in the chruch when Ann comes in to deliver a package to Pastor Carter. She asks him to go back with her, but he rejects. Ann is disappointed.

2. Ann gives Cliff a free lunch and asks him a question. Cliff doesn't answer and Ann is again disappointed.

3. When Cliff gets the job in the Vineyard, Ann goes and gives him a snack one day.

4. In the 3rd year, Doug asks Cliff to marry Ann. Cliff says he is too shy to ask, but Doug says he will ask. They get married a few days later.



1. Karen and Rick quarrel about Kai. Karen leaves in anger.

2. Rick and Karen remember the time the church was built and went to explore the forest together.

3. Rick and Karen are standing outside the Supermarket. Karen says her parents are arguing. Rick invites her to come home with him.

4. Popuri's mother, Lillia asks Karen to marry Rick.

5. I'm not so sure. Maybe they get married after the 4th event. I never bother about them cos I don't really like Karen.



I don't even know whether he is your rival. I never even seen Aja before, but she is said to be very nice and cute. But older than you (Jack). But there is one event that is Harris comes to you and tells you he likes Aja. After you tell Manna, he will recieve a letter from Aja and be very happy.



P.S. Some events increase relationships, but some decrease relationships.



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