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Taking the chance to thank irrelevant people

Thanks To...

The smart person who wrote the html code about the date, day, time, month which I used for my homepage ~ For writing that code

ZL ~ For telling me that there is a hamster race, and that Peepee is a good high-jump hamster, and for showing me the doggie poo on the floor, and for introducing HM:SNES and HM:64 to me, and for lending me the program Project64, and for playing magical drop with me, and showing me that Project64 can be played in Direct3D Hal mode and still not jam, and for showing me that the Direct3D Hal mode is also very clear, though mine duznt work, and for showing me Lapoo, and for introducing the Rob's Harvest Moon Page to me cos it is very useful, and for telling me that Popuri looks better than Ann in BTN, and for advising me about whether to marry Mary or Popuri, and giving the right advice cos I got the event of Mary and Gray right after Jack proposed to Popuri and Popuri is much nicer than Mary. Popuri is less boring cos Mary is always talking like a business woman when Jack marries her (poor Gray), and for drawing SM with me, and for having a squeaky voice and giving me hamster tips, and tips for 64 and SNES. Play BTN!!! The doggie in BTN is very cute when it pees. FUZZY!!! got little ponytail cos it is a pony, and HAMSTERS ARE CUTER THAN RABBITS!!! They have froggy eyes and are very smart and run very fast when you try to catch them (I mean Peepee), and not only hamsters and frogs have froggy eyes (what are froggy eyes, and why do you like froggy eyes so much?)

Tovya ~ For contributing fanfic & listening to me about furry hamsters & letting me copy so many songs from your CD, like burning xmas, and for teaching me how to use angelfire and for not complaining about ticklish hair unlike somebody *AHEM*, and for sympathizing with me, unlike somebody *AHEM*, and for flicking my hair everyday and for saying Peepee is cute and for letting me go to your house to play the clarinova and telling me that your hamster shits whenever you blow it, and for 'giving me the hamster', and I need to rebond my hair cos it's not straight!!! Should I put that date and time thingie that follows the mouse on every page? Am going to be paranoid like WQ... Dun SMS so much! *AHEM* (hmmmmmm disapprovingly) Bad influence, you know.

WQ ~ For willing to be affiliates with me & not listening about furry hamsters, and for not sympathizing with me (say hmmmmmm very disapprovingly), and for giving me evil look everyday and for teaching me how to use angelfire and complaining about ticklish hair and for showing me Muscular Beaver and Angry Beavers cos they are so cute, and for telling me that your so called hamsters last time were actually mice, and you could hold them, unlike Peepee (u know what? I hate black and orange, WQ, so don't be so surprised!!!) MUSCULAR BEAVER!!!

Charmaine ~ I don't know you, but thanks for having a nice ponytail... eek!!! going nuts over ponytails!!! eek!!! muz concentrate on Popuri instead...eek!!! Meditation: BTN...BTN...BTN...zzz... forget it, ponytails are better (dun get the wrong idea, is only the ponytail...)

Hamster ~ For always biting me and not letting me carry you *give evil look*

Popuri ~ For being so cute and adorable, and having nice pink hair and red heart in the text box by end of spring

Clare ~ For putting up with me when I showed you my hamster

Mel ~ For not screaming at me when I went on and on about furry hamsters

Monkey in the Hotsprings ~ For singing LALA and giving me inspiration

Eunice ~ For saying my hamster is cute & showing me cute hamsters

XW ~ For being sick of me talking about monkeys in hotsprings... Panadol is not good for your health, and please answer my question, XW *beg beg* is not ridiculous nor nonsensical!!! eek!!! (get into a very traumatised state of mind, and seek consolation with the little Peepee hamster) FROGGY EYES!!!

Matilda ~ For singing funny Celine Dion songs in class, and saying my hair is not straight

Sam ~ For tying my hair for me sometimes

Debbie ~ I have nothing to say, maybe thx for having thin hair and using carrot shampoo

Clarabella ~ For listening to me about furry hamsters during dance lesson, and telling me about your hamster

Vanessa ~ For telling me that some evil person wants Peepee to be squished *give the person evil look and say: "I curse you!!!" *

Rachel & Mandy ~ For talking non-stop about round balls (?) Don't squeeze Peepee!!! Not good...

Xinyu ~ For not listening to me when I talk about Cliff and saying Peepee is a gross thing

Janice~ For teaching me how to roll my eyes though I still cannot do it

Wenyi ~ For telling me about your hamster rolling in the toilet roll

Weixin ~ For telling me that Peepee is adorable but ugly, and for having a hamster and a rabbit (hamsters are cuter than rabbits, and also more adorable, and can fit into toilet rolls)

Angel ~ For saying that I am a very creative person (I choose to forget what you said after that)

Charlyn ~ For not knowing who is Peepee when everyone is very sick of it already

Everyone who listened to me about furry hamsters and nice ponytails ~ For listening to me about furry hamsters and nice ponytails, and not fainting of boredom after that

Everyone who's ponytail or hair I played with ~ For letting me play with your hair, and I just want to tell you I'll stop playing with your hair from now cos I got better things to do now...

Everyone who read the SM comix ~ For reading the SM comix (P.S. SM stands for Super Mouse, if you didn't know...)

Everyone who has read this page until here ~ Thx for reading it, and thx for coming to my site... See the fat hamster below!!!


See the little fat hamster! So furry!!! Has little froggy eyes!!! Are u listening to me? I don't think so, doesn't matter... used to it. Small nosie, you know, and cute tail!!! Pink paws!!! 12 cm long!!! Does anyone know the meaning of Froggy Eyes???



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