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EEHEHHEHEHE..O.O OoOw Eeee Aiii Aiii O.O..i look like a MONKEY..ehehheheehehe

:::touch me if you want:::

AWWW..Look at me..i look so sad..AWWW

All about ME ME ME

Real name: Sanny Pho
Nick name: Piggy, Shorty, Midget, Apple, Gummy Bear, Mappy, Mi Sok, and Dookie Gurl Sanny!
Age: nineteen
Sex: Ooh Yes Ooh Yes..one moment lemme check~pull down pants~ i a Gurl!! ;P
Height: Five Feet Short
Weight: less than 110..imma Fatty
Birthdate: Christmas of 82
Location: originally from stockton, Cali..now in Santa Cruz and San Diego
School: University of California, Santa Cruz going to be a Sophmore
Hobbies: eating, poopin, listening to musick, onlining, teasing lil kids, laughing, and some more eating =)
Favorite Food: Cheetos, Pretzels, 100 Grand, Apple, basically junk food
Favorite Channels: MTV, BET, Comedy Central, the Food Network
Favorite Music: Country, RnB, Slow jams, and some Khmer songs
Favorite Place: my bathroom~~>the Toilet! ;X
Favorite People: i lieee my mommy n daddy.
Favorite Season: Spring=a new beginning of Life..
Favorite Holiday: Cambodian New Years
Dislikes: Fakers, Liars, Imitators, Biters, Poser, Imposters, Spiders, Snakes, Worms, 2-faced, Backstabbers, and more
Likes: Honesty, Respects, Rainy days, Snows, whites, Blue, Dream, Clothes, Food, Babies, Lil kids, Nature, Caca roach, and more
My Personality: immature, rude, mean, like a kid, dumb, stupid, idiot, retarded, [but sometimes i amaze myself about how much i know], lazy, pig, annoying, selfish [not compassionate], inconsiderate, [i must say imma fortunate gurl ;)..i can be soo clumsy sometimes..quiet if i dunt reallie know u.. sometimes it depends on my mood too..i get reallie hyper sumtimes.. i joke a lot..and very straight out and straight forward..i cant really hold things in..if i have sumtin on my mind ill speak it out no matter if it hurts other people's feeling..i am not intentionally doing this to hurt people's feeling but i feel that it's gunna burst if i had to hold it in..i stutter wen i talk.. and blah blah blah
.. ..To Be Continued.. ... ...

My Thoughts...

~i wounder if anyone ever feel the same way as i am when we are listening to the same music...

~what happens to the fishies when the water freezes?..

~still thinking...~


*sometimes people put u in a positon that is not where u belong and it makes u wanna say "that is not where i m or that is not who i m "..but then u cant say it ..because only the people who knows ur heart will knoe the real position that youre in..-sanny

*nothing is real..but if you truly believe that its real..then theres nothing in this world that will change it --sanny

*in Extacy wen i hear the sound of a guitar playing--sanny

*Life is Precious..until u see a Biitch--sanny

*whatever happens..happen--unknown

*whatever happens..happens for a reason--unknown

*Kindness will conquer all--sanny

*dreams are made from emotions--sanny

*everyone belongs to everyone else--unknown

*sometimes the heart knows something the mind will never know--sanny


::my yummy tummy::

::my bootie bending over::


Here are some pictures of my friends, family, and some more of me
click picture to enlarge

OhH wowie ..is that me.. ~hides~.. ehehhehehe hi hi u teeee meeee.. umm okk ... i dunno what else to type .. soo like imma go take a long nice DUMP now..hahhahaha thank u for coming come again tommorrow.;]


ahhh guesss what im holding my shit right now but like i had to type this out because i might forget soo one last thing before i go POOp.. is that YOU HAVE TO SIGN MY GESTBOOK OKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!! =D

And i thank you again for poopin by.. please poop again later..tehehehehe