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Tommy realized his musical abilities one afternoon at the age of 4, chipping 37 of the keys on his mother's piano with wooden spoons. I guess pots and pans weren't enough. His true entrance began at age 12, as a guest timpanist for the Omaha Civic Symphony Orchestra. At age13, he began a long span of scholastic vocal appearances, including a number of years in the church choir. At the same age, he helped organize his own rock band INFERNO, (complete with fire jets and small bombs) that maintained solid bookings throughout 7th grade, a sign of things to come. Since then, Tommy has anxiously given 24 years to dozens of bands, many of them his own.

As a child he was surrounded and influenced by a group of very enthusiastic, accomplished musicians. Their talent and dedication taught him an appreciation for music that cannot be taught. His operatic mother, a vocal/music instructor, a prodigy of Julliard; his father, a diehard Big Band, Jazz and Blues enthusiast and past saxophonist; his grandfather, a Nationally recognized and decorated conductor and professor (who taught Tommy how to play the snare); and the popular hits and folk guitar playing of his Uncle Boots, who possessed an uncanny ability to will Tommy the desire to create music. Tommy's personal experiences ( thanks greatly due to best friend Al Chambers) through his early teenage years included an overdose of hard rock, punk rock, and metal. The combination of such diverse influences, and his personal performance experience in such a wide range of music has proven to be a priceless asset, not only to him, but also to any group or audience to which he performs.

Over the next ten years, Tommy has made stage appearances in front of thousands of music lovers. He played with most of the areas best bands, touring with Commander Salamander, The Hammered Band, MotherLoad, AirStrike, a summer stint with the newly reformed FOGHAT, and a session with Huey Lewis and the News. However, during the same time period, his favorite band, The No Name Blues Band, endured practice and/or performances nearly three nights a week for eight years performing a mix of old rock, blues, and original tunes. This band was the collaboration of Tommy a dear respected friend, classical pianist, songwriter, and guitar player, Danny "RINGO" Clark. Tommy learned very early in his career, how to perform for, then to, then with your audience. First you "size'em up, then sell yourself to them, then take'em wherever you want them to go."

Following a brief withdrawal from the band scene, many close friends drew Tommy back to the stage after the unfortunate and untimely death of “RINGO” who had taken his own life. The band, named ROXOPH, proved to be a crowd pleaser for more than four years before Tommy moved on. The music was great and so was the stage show but it still lacked that “feeling” he used to get when playing. This is a feeling that very few musicians ever experience. A feeling that consumes your body and takes over your mechanics, allowing you to completely relax and play music with your feelings. It is called, very simply . . . the Blues.

So he’s glad to be back in his niche. The Role he should never stop playing. Because we all know that he’s been given permission. Thanks RINGO.