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Garrison Cadet College Kohat is Situated in Kohat .Foundation stone was laid by the then Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mohtarama Benazir Bhutto in 1992.Leutinent General Arif Bangash,Leutinent General K.K Afridi,Magor General Shirendil Niazi and Colonal Idrees(founder Principal),Dr Dougles smith(England),Brigadier Talat Imtiaz naqvi(Former-Principal) struggled hard to make this one of the best Cadet Colleges of Pakistan.

Students are selected after through written test and physical phitness test.Test centers are in Kohat,Rawalpindi,Lahore,Multan,Karachi,Abu Dhabi.Each year 30 Students are selected in 6th and in 8th Class.jEntry Test is in January each year.

College is run by An Army officer of Brigadier Rank who is secretary to Chairman Board of Governors(Goc IX Division Kohat).All decisions are taken by principal whose decision cannot be challenged in any court of law.       

Cadets after selection are enrolled in four Houses Zangi,Ghazali,Ayubi,Ceena naming after great muslim warriors and scholars Noor-ud-din Zangi,Imam Ghazali,Sultan Sallahudin Ayubi and Ibn-e-Ceena respectively.            

Each house has a House Master and a House Tuter which look after the cadets of house.they keep eyes on their cadets 24 hours .they select Cadets for various activities.Recommend their cadets for Apponitments.House masters are assisted by a House Commander(student of FscII)and two section commanders(FscI).Each house has a Drill Instructer ,a house Baba,a medical supredendant. remember this one can take a horse to the water,but ten cannot make him drink it.

Chief of Army Staff General Abdul Waheed visiting classes

This website is designed to uptade all garrisonions about their Almamtur.Those Students who wish to get admission can also benifit from this .if you are selected then make sure you are going to absolutely new environment.Make sure that your college gives equall  oppurtunities to all its cadets.take maximum possible advantage of your stay.    All information regarding college will be available in few days. All garrisonion are requested to send their experiences in college.     

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